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January 22, 2024 Editor's Review of a collaborative poem between Somdatta Mitra of India and S. T. Goodhead of Nigeria


Title: "Let's Endeavor to Paint a Beautiful World" This is our world, made for tranquility and bliss, Gasping in the euphoria of ecstasy, Wonderment blew me off like a breeze.

This is the world we prayed for, both land and sea, Let's dwell in the mountains, for freedom is there. We would paint the sky with colorful smiles. © S. T. Goodhead Emotions gallop for each and every state of life, Even in mourning, painting hope and optimism to stand upright.

Comforting the bereaved family and entwining in bliss,

Love with affection and colorful vibes In valleys of solitude, And in forests, the muffled voices allure. © Somdatta Mitra

May each smile be a lifter of hope to the hopeless.

Many are faced with thoughts of depression. If we can be slightly careful, considerate and loving The weak, poor and bereaved souls would find solace In a world where might makes right, we can make right a might.

© S. T. Goodhead In the gardens as the fountains paint the splendid sights, Let us paint the exuberance of the deprived eyes. Cradling those who lost parents in wars,

Embracing those who need comfort.

Let the kites of freedom roar for an apricity

Let the bosom of those nulliparous mothers

Wrap the orphans and sing lullabies.

© Somdatta Mitra

Beautifying the world's walls

With butterflies of true love

Enduring patience oozing with care

Let us be there for those who're held bound by despair.

© S. T. Goodhead

With a Beau Geste and a divine sensitivity blithely,

Let's arise, awake and revive lost moments benignly.

Qualms over demure must consent to a metanoia,

Instilling new enthusiasm to an empyreal radiance.

Turning asunder those dern perspectives,

Let's parade toward an aphonic euphoria for an epoch of benevolence.

© Somdatta Mitra

© S. T. Goodhead © Somdatta Mitra



I find this collaborative poem between Somdatta Mitra and S. T. Goodhead, to be a beautiful expression of the shared desire to paint a more beautiful world. The opening lines capture a sense of wonder and tranquility, setting the stage for what is to come. The use of imagery, such as painting the sky with colorful smiles, adds a vivid and uplifting touch to the poem.

The inclusion of emotion and empathy in their poem is also notable. It acknowledges the various stages of life, including mourning, and encourages readers to find hope and optimism even in difficult times. The idea of comforting the bereaved and spreading love and affection is a powerful message of support and compassion.

Their poem also addresses societal issues, such as depression and suffrage of the weak and poor. It reminds us that we have the power to make a positive difference in the lives of those who are struggling. The plea for kindness, consideration and love is a call to action that urges us to create a world where might does not make right, but where compassion and empathy prevail.

There is a consistent use of vivid imagery throughout the poem, such as the gardens painting splendid sights or the "kites of freedom" roaring for apricity. These metaphors enhance the reader's experience, creating a strong visual impact. The collaboration between the two poets is evident in the seamless flow of the verses and the shared themes of hope, kindness and beauty.

By and large, this collaborative poem successfully conveys the shared vision of painting a more beautiful world through compassionate actions and spreading love. The combination of powerful imagery, emotional depth, and societal commentary adds layers of meaning and resonates with readers. It is an inspirational and though-provoking piece of poetry.

NOTE: I find writing a collaborative poem to be both challenging and rewarding. It requires a high level of communication and understanding between the writers to create a cohesive piece. Each poet brings their own unique style, perspective and voice to the table, which can sometimes clash or overlap. Finding a balance between the two can be a delicate process, but it also opens up opportunities for creative synergy and the exploration of new ideas.

Collaboration requires compromise, flexibility, and a willingness to let go of individual ownership and ego in order to create something beautiful together. it is a testament to the power of teamwork and the potential for collaboration to produce a work of art that is greater than the sum of its parts.

© Concetta Pipia

Contributing Editor/Reviewer ILA Magazine NY

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