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Recently, ILA offered the Dodoitsu poetry form to poets of our Facebook group. Out of the twenty entries, eight poets were chosen. Dodoitsu is a form with no meter or rhyme, though it contains specific syllabic requirements and consists of a four-lined stanza, the first three lines written in 7 syllables and the last line written in 5. This type of form often focuses on love, work, the unanticipated, nature or written in a comical twist. However, on our group, we gave the poets option to write whatever sparked their muse. Some wrote in rhyme, others did not.


AUREOLE Twinkles and guides the moon sky Surreal beauty glows at night Aureole shadow of dawn Blinding light of sun © Gloria Magallanes-Loeb ** THE BOND Warm feelings stir inside me Fought daggers to win my heart Kept your word or bid adieu Stayed for decades more © Gloria Magallanes-Loeb


THE BLANK PAGE Lofty words are lost in brume as spindrift in a haze looms I mull facing the ocean and staring beyond What if words are gagged and choked shall I dash and free them all? Is my weapon sharp enough? Is my pen so tough? Prisoners leaped, fled the scene pounding hearts crying within blank page a tough enemy masked identity. Writer's block thing of the past words flow truly meant to last Freed in literary form its essence the norm. © Rosemarie Miranda


"UNTITLED" Journey through a thousand miles Daily bread a quest to find, Through thick, thin, sweat, blood, fist, calm, Tomorrow shall come. Fiery coal he daily toils Dawning on the daily hawk Oily black the palm and feet, Tomorrow shall come. Dinner served with sweaty palm, Love cheers on to keep mind calm, Hoping though the worst had past, Tomorrow shall come. © Keshy Kayopen


Friendship Spirit of faithful friendship above all relationships Providing the life folder stands as life saver It gets esteem and respect like flowing of the rivers East to west the best sans wither to quench thirst of love Friendship, be on the top shelf thinking of cordiality Stands as hospitality to spread life flavor A virtue of amity tosses to be an apex of vigor, vitality standing life builder

© Prasanna Bhatta


RAINBOW SMILE Incandescence of a flame Glowing in the brume of day Tempers the heart's sheer coldness A love gone astray Steams of vagrant memories Dampen the gloomy spirit Like a spindrift of a wave

Tossed, beaten and drained

Heart can heal as time expires

Pain and anguish fade like scars

Rainbow appears, with a smile

Love blooms eternal

© Gus Perez Amio



Lofty mountain stands so tall,

Breathless climb, ascending high,

Brume surrounds, a misty shroud

Nature's grand plaza.

Spindrift whispers in the wind,

Steps echo on rocky path,

Mull over dreams with each stride,

Summit's sweet reward.

Eagle soars in boundless sky,

A journey etched in footsteps,

Lofty pines salute the brave,

Nature's silent hymn.

On the peak, a world revealed,

Vista vast, dreams crystallize,

Brume surrenders to the sun,

Triumph in the climb.

© Pina S. Imchen



What is the good in goodbye

When there are tears in my eyes

Mull about what is to come

Goodbye memories

My poignant dreams come alive

Seeing you from a distance

Your shadow lost in the mist

Gone-never looked back

© Dolo Rez



She mulled things over before

She decided to walk in

The lofty chain of mountains

Despite the spindrift.

And the brume shrouding the roads

To discover what's beyond

The happy ancestral lands

Of her family.

© Gheorge Laura



What's your battle song today?

Things that wake you everyday

Push an extra mile away

Get by for a day

Under scorching of the sun

I plowed and toiled barren land

There's spindrift of having fun

Life has become bland

Into the depths of the sea

Cast my line and net today

None in the basket you'll see

Its Gods holiday

What's the sound of your battle?

It seems like lofty to fall

Drag you into a long mile

While it stays worthwhile

Confined trapdoor cubicle

Sky-scraper in cold marble

Slave to whims and caprices

Dance with rat races

There's always a place I know

Buffalos roam, cows can moo

Cicada sings at sunset

Smell the night time whiff

Fireflies dance the fandango

Foxes howl heard the echo

The owls hooting eerily

Dismal cold wind rips

It's the breath of stars I wait

Cloudless sky only moonlit

When darkness covers the earth

I loosen my faith

What's your life's best symphony?

Hear heaven's cacophony

In the borrowed time and space

Find the grail of peace

Ask me now what's my anthem

Still haven't found the rhythm

Surely like what I have said

Sleep well when I'm dead.

© Floyd Gale Cabus

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1 Kommentar

19. Nov. 2023

Thank you for publishing my poem on your magazine!

Congratulations everyone! The other poems are nice.

I don't wish to be ruse, but it Gheorghe Laura, not Gheorge Laura.

Gefällt mir
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