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Celebrating the Poetic Work of Mayyu Hamim



I am a child with dreams,

dreams to grow and explore this

beautiful world, returning to my

unseen motherland despite being

born in the plight-filled refugee camp.

I am a child, an ungerminated seed,

I am yet to bloom into a flower, a tree.

I solely want my childhood to be free,

I am still a child, yet my heart bleeds.

I am a child, an ungerminated seed,

I want my sky to be filled with

flocks of beautiful birds, but

my sky is filled with smoke

I am a child with dreams,

I want to live my life without fear

of losing my beloved ones.

I strongly believe that humanity

passed away somewhere in the genocide.

© Mayyu Hamim



I am Rohingya who has not savored

the true taste of peace and democracy

I am Rohingya, disenfranchised

I am Rohingya, stateless for decades.

I am a Rohingya Refugee Survivor,

holding on the rope of optimism,

learning in the midst of challenges,

being the voice of the voiceless.

© Mayyu Hamim



For certain, residing in the refugee

camp is much more harrowing than

being silenced for a lifetime.

There's a reason behind

such an illegal commitment

and the certainty of imprisonment.

But, returning to one's motherland

is unlikely to happen in the days to come.

It's excruciating and disappointing

© Mayyu Hamim (from an upcoming book)



In my life-span,

a prolific tree stands firm.

Eternal fruits bloom.

Silent strength in the roots,

devotion in the branches.

Notation: This heartfelt tanka poem is dedicated to someone who holds a special place as my one and only

© Mayyu Hamim



In a world, everyone has their unique hero in their worldly life to make them prosperous and successful, but for me, you were unparalleled, pre-emininent, and undoubtedly precise - the ideology and the sole mentor of my life. As you exist in another realm, my atmosphere is devoid of proper light, and living without you is like rocket science. There's none to quench my fervent thirst, always in an ocean of depression.

Being a child without a father is like a building without a foundation, a rose without aroma, winter without dew, and surely a tremendous ocean without water. However, your every single word makes me soar over the clouds, deeply motivating and strengthening me.

© Mayyu Hamim



In hushed forenoons and the dusky evenings,

Witnessed the massacre and mass departure,

Amidst paddy fields, thousands found refugee,

Even the streams bore witness to the lifeless.

Rohingya voices cannot be silenced

In a world where rivers of tears flow

After six years, our scars still exist.

We feel their suffering this .

As we gather here on each 25th of August,

In foreign country, in memory of lives lost

We come together in empathetic unity,

Our hearts crave for justice and peace.

So let's pledge to bring about change,

Tear down barriers, and rebuild our planet

So that everyone can live happily

Ever after in harmony, love and peace.

A note from the Poet: "The Voices of Remembrance" is a poem written in reflection on the tragic events committed against the Rohingya people in Myanmar and their resilience and conveyance of the major intentions of the repeated commemoration each year.

© Mayyu Hamim


I desire to live my life

On the lap of my birthplace

Camp isn't my haunt;

I feel suffocated and bored,

Exhausted and agonized

Nook and cranny of the camp

No more confined life;

No more refugee life

A Note from the Poet: It is totally hard for me to describe my life in any way since I am a weak refugee who is still denied justice.

© Mayyu Hamim

Mayyu Hamim is a 19-year old writer, poet and certified author hailing from the Rohingya community in Myanmar, one of the most severely victimized ethnic groups in the world. His life story is a testament to resilience and the unyielding power of the written word.

His journey as a writer began in the midst of unimaginable adversity, forced to live as a caged bird in an open prison, he endured hardships that most of us could scarcely fathom. The loss of his beloved father further deepened the complexities of his existence. These profound experiences became the driving force behind his creative expression, spurring him to pen down a diverse array of poetry and stories.

As a dendrophile, Mayyu has a profound connection with the natural world. Nature, with its mysterious and healing qualities, has served as a sanctuary for his heart amidst the misery and plights of refugee life. In his verses, he often draws inspiration from the beauty and resilience of the natural world, weaving it into the tapestry of his poetry. Writing has been Mayuu's solace in the face of excruciating adversity. It is a means of transcending the limitations of his circumstances, a way to document the untold stories of his people, and a vessel for his own emotional catharsis.

Through his words, he hopes to shed light on the Rohingya's struggles and aspirations, offering a voice to the voiceless. Mayuu's literary accomplishments are impressive. He is the author of "Rhythms of the Heart: The Two Rohingyas in Bloom," a work that showcases his poetic prowess and his deep understanding of the human condition. Addionally, he has contributed to over 100 anthologies, sharing his unique perspective with a global audience.

Beyond his own creative pursuits, Mayyu is an English editor of 'Rohingya Art Dreamland', a Facebook page dedicated to reviving and encouraging Rohingya arts and literature. This role reflects his commitment to nurturing talent within his community and providing a platform for fellow Rohingya artists and writers. Mayyu is also a blog writer and co-editor of ILA Magazine.

Mayyu's aspirations extend far beyond the realms of literature. He envisions a future where he can be a formidable educator, eradicating illiteracy within his community. He strives to be a poet whose words ignite change, and renowned novelist whose stories transcend borders.

In a world often defiant by divisions, Mayyu Hamim's journey is a testament to the unifying power of literature and the indomitable human spirit. His story serves as a reminder that even in the face of the harshest adversities, the written word can provide solace, hope and a path toward a brighter future.

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