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©️Ikwulono Mohammed Senison


Seeking favour unmeritedly

With desperation,

trudges secretly

Weaving conspiracy,

teaming accomplices

To rob the innocent prime,

off offices

Like a witch suffering

about all nights

Haunting people

in their sleepy sights

Exposing his laziness

in true earnest

For she hides her/his face ,

in merest

Seeing the one haunted,


Without any zest

nor iota of hope

The blackmailer,

in a treacherous lope

Betraying the best ally

for self gain

A hypocrite,

despairingly despondent

Seeking a short cut

via envy to lain

A disguised confidante,

painted ment

Like a canker worm,

corroding Amigo's

Stance from the main fabric

of egoes

Ambidextrous agent,

hating lover

Of Ally's progress,

vent to maneuver

And engineer the downfall

of the innocent

With the Arrow of wickedness,

so scent.

What's your gain

his/her exit from here?

His/her benefit never added you,


So shameful,

laziness,subdues deeply

Your thought ,

losing humanity wholly

And your act boomerangs soon,

so heinous

Crisscrossing your innards,

so veinous

And you are sued

to the court of your conscience.

Where is your gain for acting

with nescience?

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