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Around the World Christmas Themed Festive Poetry

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

For the entire month of December, our ILA Magazine group on Facebook offered a Christmas Themed Prompt, and asked the question, "What does Christmas mean to you?" Out of the thirty-four entries, we picked seven. Included in this special edition of the Blog, we are also adding two poems randomly picked, written by Elaine Yanni Fink and Rosemarie Miranda, featured after the Best Entries.


Christmas in Calcutta Calcutta and Park Street even the rickshaw pullers poverty lit up with lights and a quaint smile the old man tree took on a glitter speaking singing shadows grew crossing the river illuminating the Howrah bridge a saxophonist's long draw restlessness an aroma of homemade wine still pierces an aging mind. © Amitabh Mitra


A Blessing in Disguise Christmas is the moment where very soul meets to greet each other! They don't want to miss that wonderful touch! Boon for every poor man! He's fed wholeheartedly! Sick people in hospital smile a lot! Depressed beings have something good to look forward! If so many earthlings are happily celebrating, why can't I dance and sing with the notes of their joyous heart?? © Sonal Rao


What Christmas Means to Me

Universal celebration for rejoicing paying homage to the King of Kings. Christmas carols so melodic, Hark the angels also sing, Christmas in its finest cloak of unification, cultivating peace, equality, love, hope, for all mankind. Christmas...festivities so delightful a coming together of faith, such a cheerful season, oft sad for those not abundant with blessings, family, friends, God in their lives. © Shenni Waldron


Christmas Christmas is a great reminder, of man's Great Redeemer. The birth of Christ, who's aves us from our sins, the greatest manifestation of love the world has ever seen. The message of love, hope and faith that the world badly needs and seeks it is symbolized by a celebration of Christmas, a moment of thanksgiving, sharing and re-connecting with those who missed us. Though we have varying spiritual views the spirit of love and giving among men should never be an issue. Respect for each other is what humanity needs today, to assure tranquility, peace and harmony to stay! © Joey V. Fernandez


Christmas Monologue Will you come back this Christmas? When the December sun pulls together through the alley the bamboo bank swings and calls to the wind swallows call the flock to the spring ball... I'm still looking forward to this Christmas the day is still long...still a lonely garden. The girl from the past is no longer a baby. Why does the rose flower quickly fade? My heart will be close to each other like flowers and butterflies on a busy spring day. Christmas is here...why are you so far away in the middle of Christmas, my heart suddenly ached. © Nguyễn Thanh Hai (Vietnam)


Christmas When I think of Christmas in my old age I want to put Christ's manger in my heart I want to feel his presence daily I want to enjoy love and peace before I leave There were times in the past when my life was rough I did not have the chance to feel what is true love. There were struggles and battles in life that made me miserable but now that I have come to know the Lord, I have found peace. For me, it is always Christmas albeit of the festive trimmings and decorations. The presence of the Lord in my life is like a shining star on top of a Christmas tree It lights my path as I walk in the dark, when my life did not have the slightest spark Though my life is simple, it is enough for me to feel the spirit of Christmas in my heart.

© Dolores Lapinid


What Christmas Really Means? Oh, what a wonderful time of the year! A wondrous moment to ponder what Christmas really means to me. Christmas is more than a decoration of Christmas trees

with their colorful lights not only to adorn the place but how it enlightened the cored of the heart. It is more than singing carols or a parade of lovely lanterns Not just a festivity but a joyous celebration of a grateful heart.

It is more than exchanging gifts or making fun full of sweet surprises Not only a lovely demonstration of merriments but out from a giving heart. It is more than reunions of family and friends or sending greetings for the Yuletide season Not a mere outward expression of affection but from the depths of a loving heart It is receiving and remembering the greatest and glorious gift of all;

the birth of the Savior of the World, the true reason for the season that

truly can hold by one's precious heart and soul till eternity....

© Lyn B. Pastrana

New Dawn Did you hear the sounds of dawn awakening from slumber Did you hear he chorus of Angels singing the age of wonder. Did you hear raindrops pattering music all night long. Listen carefully. You can hear the Universe reverberating with a splendid cacophony. Majestic sounds echoing throughout Heavens, Earth and Sea. Peace on Earth! Good will to men. Magical, enchanting music from the Cosmic source. Heralding a song, A Babe is born in Bethlehem. Come adore Him. Awake from cumbersome sleep Hear the sounds of Heaven resounding a chorus sweet awakening inspiring heartening life Divine.

© Elaine Yanni Fink

© Arteza Pencils Drawing by Elaine Yanni Fink


Red and Green (Daily Dipolog Glimpses)

This giant red and green ribbon lording over the entrance now of the seat of service of the province symbolizes unity, amity of God's creations together, blessings make things happen. Green like the vegetables sprouting in countrysides, galore and counting red like the love for everyone in sight. Twinkling lights add color to the night because life is a mixture of colors the yellows and blues are there, alright but red and green spell magic in the air for all to reflect and some to stare this season of love good tidings we share. © Rosemarie Miranda

© Photography by Rosemarie Miranda 12.03.21

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