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"Are You Walking With Me...Still...?!?"

Drink A Cup of Coffee... Somewhere... a calf stands To starve of its right. I was walking with the God on my terrace...!!! The God asked "Why are you looking very gloomy...?!?" "My Lord I am very angry at myself" With a smile on his face He has placed his hand on my shoulder "What happened my son?!?" "Don't you know what is going on with this world...?!?" Ha...ha...ha...ha... Hearty laugh of the God Oh Lord "How many Good people are dying around ?!?" "Yes my Lord I am damn good as you know." A Beaming me... The God laughed, ha...ha...ha...ha... The God "do you have a house...?!?" "I have built one A beautiful one painted and decorated." The God "Do you drink... Coffee tea or milk...?" "Twice in a day" "How many omelettes?" "Once or twice in a week" "Do you eat non veg" "My dogs are very strict non vegetarians" "And if Guests show up We do enjoy the protein rich food." "What kind of dress you do wear?" "The leather jacket for the winter belt and chapels." "Do you buy any silk clothes?" "Once in a while for my wife and for my daughter." The God "What kind of transport do you use..." "Any fast moving vehicle by road by sea or by the air." Hold on Son... "All your answers confirms your wicked persona...?!?" "Do you get me?" Perplexed that I stood like a stooge... The Lord... Your every actions Have lead to someone's sufferings When you build a house, you endanger the nature...!!! When you Drink a cup of coffee Somewhere a calf stands to starve of its right." "When you... you wear a leather jacket some animal is skinned When you wear a silk dress thousands of worms have suffered in hot water." "Oh my Lord I have realized my fallacies...!!!" "Neither I am an innocent nor a good man...!!!" The God has grinned I said, "Carry on my Lord Let us all suffer for the sins we make knowingly or by our ignorance!!" I asked my Lord "Are you walking with me....still...?!?" "Yes, my Son... I Am Walking With My Children...." "All the time...!!!" © ASOKAN ERULANDI India

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