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An Excerpt by Peshawa Kakayi

An excerpt from ("Through the Window, I Look at Nali's Donkey) By Peshawa Kakayi and Translated by Goran Sabah

As I ponder the universe A star on the Milky Way A planet or the black holes. My poem expresses it more charming in Kurdish The wind reptiles through my language, Hangs my words Pulls the root of my poem out, Or breaks its stem, If this land is not imbued in my language. I'll imbue it! I'll insert stars in the space of my poem I'll create pressure within you via my efficient language Make the black holes appear! To give your eyes a different meaning, from the other side. I am in love with my language, why poor As I make your eyes, black holes, nipples and black sideburns! Appear like the black holes I ponder the universe Stars' wings stop on my tongue like a bug! Cannot fly unless I blow it, The moon becomes so thin. Lands on my ear lobe to reveal its secrets I'll flip your eye and nipple Use it in my language like a semicolon. To mend my utterance.


Poet, PESHAWA KAKAYI, was born on April 19, 1984, in Qaladze, a Kurdistan region of Iraq. He graduated from the Political Science Department of the University of Sulaimaniyah. He writes in many literary appendixes in Kurdistan. The poet owns eight books of poetry and writes poems in Kurdish as well as translating poetry into several languages. Below is his published accomplishments: 1. "Residue of Breths", Poetry Collection, 2008 2. "I am, I Guard Flowers", poems, 2011. 3. "Garden - Your Love", Poetry, 2015

4. "From the House of Aunt Khunche House, I Went to Saeed's Son-in-Law", Open text, 2017 5. "American Letter with the Taste of Poetry" (poetry Poetry Novel). 2018 6. "African and the Earth with the Taste of Poetry" (Poetry, prose, narration) 2018

7. "COSMOLOGY", Poetry 2019

8. "Rebuilding the Light on the Return of Zoroastrian Ahmed Mala. Investigation, 2020. 9. "Immortal Path", Book of Poems 2021 10. "Poetic Thought and Language Imagination", about Poetry, 2021

11. "Ocean and the Antarctica with the Flavor of Poetry, open text - novel poem, 2022 12. "Through the Window, I Look at Nali's Donkey), poem-prose, 2022 (The book has been published in Kurdish yet not published elsewhere).

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