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A Voyage of Love

In the realm of the elopement I have sailed beyond boundaries. A divide I have crossed Beyond man's judgement of creed and color Indoctrinated have I become Of her then be told of a color As humans we were made With a heart that ticks our pulse Far, far aways she is, And there I have gone in elopement Leaving behind a color like mine, To embrace a bond destined A Voyager I have traversed Upon turbulent waves on sail Days counted and months over In eagerness of the whiff of her muskiness A suffocating sweetness To sleeps of a several bout of spells A fiery angel she is In the Eldorado of our world Cherubs and Seraphs all around Trumpeting a glorious union = Where distance and color is abrogated In the symbolic semblance of humanity And on the turbulent surf seas of our love Have we traversed to the plain end In the harmony of a blissful buoying Have we buoyed the bloom of our bond from bondage Together in this blissful nuptial Is disparity distant as abrogated. © Kichime Philips Elisha

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