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A Trio of Poems


And in the end, what treasure shall I own But a sinful self and a regretful sigh!

© Binte Ayesha Wani


O love' thou must dwell in my heart Govern its beats and the interval between them. Thy ambrosial fragrance must seize my sense, render me unfamiliar to mine self even. Thy elegant image must house my mind, render me uncommitted to all world vistas. Thy sacred recital must adopt my lips, and unfold the bloom of my soul. Thy pious devotion must spring out of my soul, and satiate my deserted being. © Binte Ayesha Wani


Night offers me its shoulder and I dangle my empty self on it, and drench, drench and drench with , my intoxicating pillow. Moon comes down by my side, consoles me till I sleep... and sin in the ocean of dreams, the dreams that could never be expounded even by Yousuf! © Binte Ayesha Wani

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