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A Shared Symbiosis

Updated: Jan 29

Two poems written by Carl Scharwath and narrated by Jeanette Skirvin




"Even a Poet Has Writer's Block"

Carl Scharwath is from the sunshine state of Florida. He is the Art Editor of Minute Magazine and a contributing editor at ILA Magazine. His work has appeared globally, with 150+ journals, selecting his poetry, short stories, interviews, essays, art/photography, and most recently, plays. Carl is the author of four books.


Jeanette Skirvin, BSc, RDH, is a Canadian-born award-winning author, educated back and forth across the provinces between Vancouver and Toronto by an educator mother possessed of a wanderlust spirit. Ms Skirvin resides in California, by the seaside. If you would love to view more of Jeanette's YouTube videos, we have provided her link, below:

Jeanette Skirvin

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