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A Poetic Weaving: 7 Poems Plus One


The poems we feature here were chosen as "best entries" (out of 11 entries total), in a recent poetry challenge given. The prompt was invented by renowned novelist, poet, writer and educator, Mr. Joseph Fasano. The structure of his poem form (among others he has invented), is to teach about parts of speech used every day in English grammar. By understanding different parts of speech, it serves as a guidance for both the youth or adult student, using words in sentences, in a more proper manner and to eventually hone their skills at writing. I chose the title for the 7 best entries our Facebook Group Moderator, Mr. Mayyu Hamim offered to group members and at closure, I've included Mr. Hamim's poem.


"WHERE IS PEACE?" My name is Erfun Amin. Today I feel like a helpless bird, soaring in the sky. Sometimes I am a refugee. Sometimes I am a migrant. But always I am hopeful. I ask the world, "Where is peace?" And the answer is... a helpless bird soaring in the sky. © MOHAMMAD ERFUN AMIM


"A CAGED BIRD" My name is Mayu Foyajul Islam. Today I feel like a caged bird, Chirping in the camp. Sometimes I am a prisoner. Sometimes I am a fighter. But always I am searching. I ask the world, "Where is my freedom?" And the answer is... A caged bird chirping in the camp. © MAYU FOYAJUL ISLAM


"LONELINESS" My name is Rosemarie. Today, I feel like a melancholy princess Yearning for love across the seas, Sometimes I am a joyful milkmaid Sometimes I am a weather-beaten brick But always a bubbly brook I ask the world, "Why are there seasons of emotions?" And the answer is a melancholy princess yearning for love across the seas. © ROSEMARIE MIRANDA


"A WONDERFUL DIAMOND" My name is Vu. Today I feel like a wonderful diamond Living in a castle. Sometimes I am a sweet painter. Sometimes I am a boring poet But always I am interesting. I ask the world, "What's true love?" And the answer is a diamond, living in a castle.




My name is Liberty Bassey. Today I feel like an unveiled treasure, shining in a showcase. Sometimes I am a gem. Sometimes I am a painting But always I am uncommon I ask the world, "What is wealth?" And the answer is an unveiled treasure, gleaming in a showcase. © LIBERTY BASSEY


"UNTITLED" My name is Maria Evelyn. Today I feel like the fresh Hibiscus Saying "Hello" from the East. Sometimes I am a wandering icon. Sometimes I am a shy feast. But daily I am newly opened. I ask the world, "What is true happiness?" And the answer is A fresh Hibiscus, dancing in the East. © MARIA EVELYN QUILLA SOLETA


"A VISITING GUEST OF LIFE" Today I feel like a Flower A visiting guest in the garden of life. Sometimes I am a color. Sometimes I am a cynosure But always I am naïve. I ask the world, "Why my life is so short?" And the answer is A visiting guest in the garden of life. © RUPINDER KAUR


"WHISPERS OF THE SOUL" My name is Mayyu Hamim. Today I feel like a jubilant sunflower, blooming in the meadow. Sometimes I am a gentle breeze. Sometimes I am a roaring storm. But always I am resilient. I ask the world, "What is true happiness?" And the answer is a radiant sunflower, dancing in the meadow. © MAYYU HAMIM

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1 Comment

Mayyu Hamim
Mayyu Hamim
Jul 18, 2023

Thank you so much for publishing these wonderful poems.

I sincerely appreciate your loyalty and dedication.

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