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"Nature's Gift" Do not waste a valued drop We owe existence to fertile ground We soon depart this royal realm Save some soil for their future If we waste it If we destroy it If we disrespect it Nature's gift will produce warfare I implore you Heed the alarm Join hands in brotherhood Save our home From inexorable destruction and irrevocable degradation Human! Show wisdom Human! Show compassion Make every effort To save earth's beauty She gives of her bounty To feed the hungry To feed their crying souls This precious gift from above Whose river's flowing slakes the thirsty Whose cool water soothes the aching body So tired from toil at the end of the day We are Mother Nature's protector Let us not neglect one drop Nor one acre Water and land provides sustenance for all Not just a chosen few...

© Shahid Abbas 2022


"For You" You adore me, I adore you Your aspiration has been fulfilled, Come and be part of me Your tears and your pain I would not let them blemish your face. One day you will blush and bow your head, Let me come to see your face... Let me inhale your gifts,

So that I can breathe. You will have to look, You are loved, O! my beloved Do not cry for I will take care of you, Clasp my hand, look into my longing eyes,

Do not fear, and allow me to cherish, The depth of your innocence to make us a duo... A magical duet, in tune with life, One solemn vow, to make you mine, and me yours, Dear darling lay your head in the comfort of my arms, Where I'll show you peace and shower you with love. © Shahid Abbas 2022


Shahid Abbas is a multi-awarded International Author and Poet from Karapla, Tandlianwala Faisalabad Pakistan. He is the author of "Words from Nature" and the co-author of "We Speak in Syllables". Shahid is working on a poetry collaboration book "Verses of Meraki" to be published in the USA. His works were also featured in various international anthologies and diverse literary platforms both in print and online and his works have already been translated into 10 different languages. Shahid is also the newly-appointed Director of Culture in Pakistan of the State of Birland and is to handle the promotion of literary and arts activities. He is also the newly-appointed Coordinator for The Dream of Equality Pakistan. Camera Internacional de Escritores and Artistas (International Chamber of Writers and Artists) based in Spain, appointed him as the Director Ejecutivo (Executive Director) for the CIESART Headquarters in Pakistan. Shahid will be the Host of Haiku TV (USA) with Sir Michael Bee. A recipient of several international awards and recognitions, he has graced a number of international literary festivals representing his country, Pakistan, in promoting world peace and world literature somme of which are based in India, Portugal, Mexico City, USA, Colombia, among others. Shahid Abbas is one of the Amazon Bestselling Authors in several international anthologies one of which is "Peace is Within Us", published by How To Write for Success Literary Network based in Trinidad and Tabago.

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