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A Pair of Poems

THE HERMIT Why in the world, would someone choose to live alone - in solitude? He could be a wizard, so some folks thought; or perhaps a warlock, that's not far-off. To esoteric knowledge, he is drawn; believes in black magic, crafts lesser known. He talks to plants, and whispers to trees; in them, he finds comfort, and healing spree. An animal lover, he's got lots of them; wherever he goes, they'd come in droves. But as for him, he but normal; just a bit disillusioned, with humans in general. © Don Luman-ag


THE SOURCE Far beyond what we could ever grasp Across the vast expanse of skies above Depths profound that one can only grasp Wells the eternal source of purest love. Way above what we can ever see Outside the range of visibility Lies the seat of the powers that be Wave emanating from eternity Distance - - eons and light years away Wormhole cannot traverse in a jiffy In search of deity great price men pay While the portal lays bare in you and me. © Don Luman-ag

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