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In October, ILA Magazine challenged poets with a SEPTOLET Prompt. Initially, we had planned to only pick a handful of poems to publish, however, after going back and forth with a final decision, ILA chose 19 poems out of 26 to feature. The SEPTOLET Poem form consists of 7 lines, written in a total of only 14 words with a break: (Between the 3rd and 4th lines or 4th and 5th lines), with both stanzas written in the same thought by creating a vivid image.


AURORA Arising Light of promise In cool, chilly Morning Cascading A new day Towards horizon © JOEL APARECIO BERNASOR


PHOTO ALBUM Indelible cache of footprints in the sand. Click its pages Journey back in time. © MYRTLE EVE TEJADA


"UNTITLED" Valley In hug bound, Sets leap. Pats To lane show Amusingly Versifying vibrant chants © SHIV RAJ PRADHAN


"UNTITLED" Teacher Teaches reasoning Thoughts from insight In class Developing character Of learners With love. © AMAR SINGH


"RELY ON LOVE" If Nothing Goes right, Rely on love. Love is the ballast That balances everything. © KALUCHARAN SAHU


"STARS" Stars Twinkle at night Without any discrimination. To convey message that we're from God. © PRASANNA BHATTA


"KITE" Kite Flying smoothly Thanks to the thread. Its alluring catenary Provides the crucial Buoyancy. © SUBHASHCHANDRA ADHAV


"WIDOW MAKER" I'm despised In my own land Widows And orphans Wailing Haunting Bloody desert sand © FLOYD GALE CABUS


"AUTUMN" Greens, yellows Golds and reds Autumn Leaves dying Colors glowing Testifying Beauty in dying © SUE JONES


"UNTITLED" Lush wild mangroves Pink lotus drowning me in lustrous state, Limerence, easing into solitude © SHEILA ANN


"UNTITLED" Life A cycle Seasons change We evolve Fair To grey We come and go © GUS PEREZ AMIO


"UNTITLED" Past - tho' aeon ere his apparition - In thy exactitude, Hath a man of thine. © ERNEST KEMEDIKUMO CLINTON


"WAR" What is war Rulers know Its gain Bargainers know Its pain Orphans Widows know © BALACHANDRAN NAIR


"THE TREE" I Am the tree Whose leaves Are falling The memory Before oblivion Of wind. © BOGDANA GAGEANU Romania


"TODAY'S REALITY" Waved, A torn flag Amongst the debris. Rained shells Peace seems never. Humanity, Loses. © PINA S. IMCHEN


"AFTERGLOW" Pencil, Restless between fingers, Etching sunset. Lovers steal the Afterglow Kissing the world, "Adieu!" © MARIA EVELYN QUILLA SOLETA


"MOVING FORCE" Nature's phenomena fauna and flora grandiose Moving force the whole universe Verdant Something magical © GLORIA MAGALLANES-LOEB


"UNTITLED" Poverty of empathy Richness in warring un-abating Screams in skies Redness in oceans un-relenting © SHWETA SAHAI


"UNTITLED" Love Darting out Of an artless heart Ascending Above the heavenly vault Reclined Peacefully © SAFDAR BHATTI

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Mayyu Hamim
Mayyu Hamim
07 nov 2023

Wonderful poems — captivating!

Mi piace
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