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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

June 12, 2023


Tanka is a traditional poetry form, its origin is Japanese, almost similar to Haiku, only it ends with 2 additional lines (Couplet). Not only does it have a specific syllabic count for each line (5-7-5-7-7), it's normally written from vivid imagery to contemplative in its closing lines, mainly in some type of metaphor, simile or personification. On May 30th, 2023, the ILA Magazine Poetry Group offered a Tanka challenge to its members and out of 23 entries, we chose 10 so, without further ado, kick off your shoes, grab your favorite beverage, sit back in your easy chair and delve into the beautiful poems we present to you.


"UNTITLED" Silent as shadows Ninja moves with grace and might Torrid battles fought In virility's embrace Unbow shines in gloaming's realm. © DEX AMOROSO


"UNTITLED" Sunbow at sunrise Viridity by the falls Torrid realm in grace Gloaming of weary spirit Vanishes with wind's whisper. © LORETA C. BANDE


"UNTITLED" Beneath the sunbow Why this torrid virgin wind Lures the dead pulse To beguile these virid tongues Change the tune of drooping dove. © MUSHTAQUE B. BARQ


"WITNESS OF THE NIGHT" As the night unfolds Darkness creeps in the twilight Gloaming hides in fright Silent fields bear witness to An Exodus once untold © MAYYU HAMIM


"UNTITLED" In torrid embrace Sunbow hues ignite the sky Viridity blooms Gloaming whispers secrets soft Nature's poetry unfolds. © MOHAMMAD ERFUN AMIN


"NATURE'S FOLLY" At the sun bow's bend A torrid essence beaming Buoyant clouds rolled by Shed a veil of downcast frown Raindrops smiled on arid land. © GUS PEREZ AMIO


"IN GLOAMING TIME" Sun tired in harsh day Sun wants out of torrid time With weary spirit Going slowly down the sea Trees stand tall and bade adieu Then rain falls, dancing Sates torridity -remnants Wind comes wings flapping And kindles viridity Trees feel great in gloaming time. © ENCY BEARIS


"MEMORIES" Emotions are tossed On the waves of remembrance Leaving the sunbow Bereft of viridity In the last gloaming of life. © SHWETA SAHAI



Sunbow heralded Arrival of torrid sun Hens took golden bath Rooster scolded lazy hen Why delay in sowing seeds © SUBHASHCHANDRA ADHAV "A BLOOMING DESERT" The desert blooms life Vibrant, torrid sun soaked strife Sand, wind, sing along When the sun calls out a song With its sweet beat, it prolongs Lo! Sunbow caress, The sky, clothed in her blue dress, As plants come forth from Desert's troth, hard to believe A sight of beauty that weaves. © OLUSEGUN AJAYI

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