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Written by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty Still thinking about the time the precious time I wasted for nothing.

Thinking about them once close to me now nowhere near the horizon. Thinking about my loved ones who took the juice of my life to whom now I mean nothing. Silently brooding over the relationships I cultivated that never stood the test of time. Thinking about the moments I lost to satisfy a few for whom I squandered health, wealth and time who ran away at the first opportunity. Time mocks at me I miserably failed to make sense of it One by one they moved away leaving me to think about time which was once mine. Life laughs at me at my miserable plight the abyss where I am in I often ask me where I erred. "You never valued yourself at any point never cared for the moments that came your way" is the answer of time to my poignant tragedy. © 09/2021

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