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A Collection of Poetic Thoughts



BE STRONG The wind blows through circumstances and peace choosing The world has a lot to say about you but you can only define yourself. Be strong. Circumstances rise and makes the heart troubled, sometimes like a great mountain. It isn't steady. Be strong. You are not alone. God stays beside you, always. Pour out your heart's desires. He'll surely hear so be strong. © Yusuf Daniel Olamilekan


I WISH YOU WELL I wish you well Though I'm unwell. You painted me out of taste pulled my leg down. I'm facing he hopeful moon Maybe tomorrow might be fine. I wish you well. I treated you like a queen, just like an idol. You lied to me, when you said you're here for me. You've gone far out of my sight I'm lonely and alone to face this journey © Yusuf Daniel Olamilekan


BE THE REASON Be the reason for unending happiness. Happiness in the heart of many souls The joy that lasts, makes a world rejoice. Be the reason for peace in your world. Be the reason for the laughter. Put smiles on creation's cheeks Let your words console men Do not be the reason for sorrow in the heart. Be the reason for reunion of parched minds Not for confusion and enmity Be the reason for the lasting solution to the puzzle of life Because either good or bad, You will be remembered. © Yusuf Daniel Olamilekan



Gone are the days When Earth smiles at the thoughts of mankind, the honest and sincere mindset. Prioritize God as the first and last in lowly voice. Gone are the days that peace is affordable. Men face challenges hand in hand. No negative thoughts etch the heart. Gone are the days When men face their business And dishonor is prohibited These days become whispers in the air. © Yusuf Daniel Olamilekan


PEACE SHALL REIGN Time flies In a wink of an eye When battling with thoughts The voices that speak Of God, lust, friends. The luring in heart is not permanent Even the cries, lies, sorrow in the heart and the soul kept bondage of doubt, confusion would pace the way out of sight disappear to the waiting air and never appear anymore. Mind rests at peace. © Yusuf Daniel Olamilekan


YUSUF DANIEL is a Nigerian poet, active in administration of Global Poetry Forum along with other platforms to promote harmony. He believes that poetry can promote peace and unity, making corrections without condemning. Poetry has become a way of life for him. He has been involved in this special and valuable realm of the global poetry community for up to three years , also participating in several international collections.

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