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Submissions are for poetry and prose, only.

Please read our Submission Guidelines below.

Please take note, we do not accept online submissions for Visual Arts and Photography. Please contact the following below, to submit your art/photography to be considered.





* No sexual content, no vulgarity, no profanity shall be approved.

* No negative literature toward race, religion, culture or ethnicity, otherwise, it will be declined.

* FOR POETRY: Only and up to 1-2 of your best, unpublished poems per poet, may be submitted on this Submissions Form, or, if you prefer, you may contact any of our Editors and submit by email (located below).

* FOR SHORT STORIES, BLOG ARTICLES, CREATIVE FICTION/NONFICTION and TRANSLATIONS: One (1) Submission per writer, submit by email, only. Our emails have been provided below.

* REGARDING VISUAL ART SUBMISSIONS: Contact, only. We are not accepting online submissions. We will accept original and unpublished Visual Arts/Photography by email. You may provide an image of yourself and a brief synopsis. The image is optional and we leave this decision up to you.

*REGARDING RECENT BOOK PUBLICATIONS: Contact via EMAIL, only. Please do provide an image of your book(s), a brief BIO about yourself as well as information regarding your book. Your BIO should be written in Third Person. Your synopsis should be written short and precise. Optional but not required: Provide an image of yourself.

All other inquiries, contact the following  Editors below, by clicking on appropriate email addresses.


Zakir Malik:

Atif Khurshid Wani:

Annette Nasser:

Thank you!

Thanks for submitting !

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