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The "Waltmarie" is a two-in-one poem invented by Candice Kubinec. It's a ten-lined poem, where odd lines have no specific syllabic count, meaning the poet writes in as many or as little syllables as desired. Even lines are written in 2 syllables and create a "mini poem" if read apart. There are no rules for rhyme or subject - the option is left to the poet to choose whether to rhyme or not. In December, we offered this challenge to our Facebook group members and out of 13 entries we chose 6 poets to be featured. "Untitled" Singing the song of my life feel it I digress it's a smile on my heart often With a note of stolid, reminding me of the moon Not a selcouth fact that my soul speaking But I went on my path to feel in silence

© Sonal Rao
India "Untitled" Let me accumulate vigor for wending to
As everyday is selcouth challenge For life Today I'm stolid, strong and stout
To face As I love, like and kiss my life in
This strife Challenge shows the way of changeable life Boldly © Prasanna Bhatta India "Night Divine" Oh, holy night someone cried stolid Fall on Beyond magic outside selcouth heights Your knees Enable pronounced peace denied Hear the Spirits digress emboldened divine Angel Likened to heaven wending wings above cry Voices © Matt Elmore
USA "Untitled" You always tell me you love me but
Your eyes Digress what you profess, your actions Never Could hide the tale of stolid promises that most times Reflect The wend of some selcouth intentions, The words You utter could not convince me to believe in what You say © Myr Reyes E. Tejada Philippines "Ennui" The tedious hours tick into a dreary day Listless Amidst the humdrum, into relevance I digress Waiting This stolid countenance, unnerving and stale Calls for Something that wends the mind to connect A spark In the doldrums, a selcouth feeling aroused To last © Gus Perez Amio Philippines "Stolid"
The sound of the moonlight in hopeless night Digress Thoughts setting in such wend Whispers Soaring higher by such undying doubts Until It's me, in selcouth and wandering I smile In the approaching moments of dawn At last © Russel Edles Philippines

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