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Visual Arts Feature

During the period between May 28th and June 11th, ILA Magazine Group on Facebook, held a Visual Arts and Photography Recognition, our "Best Entries" chosen to be featured. After all, our artists should be recognized just as much as our writers. Photography of Nivedita Roy, titled "Dusk" Photography of Bernadette Reyes, titled "Mountains and Ricefields" Photography of Real Lemancy Hadejia titled "In Natural Weather at Darkness Situation" Photography of Leah Dancel; Title: "Crown Sydney".
Description: The symbol of POP: Power, Opulence and Prosperity
in the midst of the pandemic. Photography of Debra J. Masky and taken from the balcony. "Slideshow" Photography of Mushtaque B. Barq from Kashmir Photography of Sultana Raza titled "Duck House" "Slideshow" Photography of Subhashchandra Adhav of India; Title: "Waterfall" Beautiful photography and random close-up shot of greenery by Dolo Rez taken with her mobile phone Photography of Giuseppe Ianarelli.
Title: "Tramonto a Colobraro;
Location: Colobraro, Lucania, Italy.

Visual Arts Feature
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