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Veronica Roma Pingol

Book Feature: "Night Butterfly: Poetry of Life, Love and Soul" Veronica Pingol, a.k.a., 'Night Butterfly', is a 38 year old domestic helper in Hong Kong and an expressive poetess/author of love. She is from Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines. Blessed with one lovely daughter and currently living with her mom in the province. During the pandemic, she excelled herself from being a helper to a poet for 1-1/2 years, learning different stages of poetry. In due time, she established her own Facebook Poetry Group named "UNITED POETS @ HEART", an international platform.

By this time, she also felt satisfied after a year of having her first published book titled "Night Butterfly", where she freely spread her emotions, thoughts and opinions about life, love and the soul. She is featured in various websites, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and book anthologies and serves as an ambassador of different poetry groups, Child Advisor of Glory Future Foundation and an international editor of several Indonesian magazines. Veronica believes that being optimistic is a great attitude toward a good life and a happy person with a beautiful smile and heart embracing motivation as well as giving to others to reach their goals in life in between the trials and tribulations. Book Synopsis:

The back cover is Jwritezz the Musical Poet. He told Veronica that her work has passion and substance and felt real love when reading, mentioning he could actually depict the book in his head, and as a writer/lyricist/musician, he can relate to the vividness.

Veronica Roma Pingol's book tells more about her poetic journey, where she begins to learn and understand the nature of poetry, its structure and feature and where she engages herself with knowledge, how she is able to express emotions freely.

Veronica Roma Pingol is immensely grateful for the new learning, for everything she has been through during the time she has been writing. It is another chapter of her life story she wanted the world to see, feel and be in love with.

Veronica is now working on a manuscript for her second book.

Veronica's book is available on Amazon:
Night Butterfly: Poetry of Life, Love and Soul


Here we have added a "Slideshow Gallery", including an image of Veronica, her book, front and back cover and two photographs recently taken. She loves venturing out into nature and embracing the elements that surround her.
To see see in full view, just a click on each image will do.

Veronica Roma Pingol
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