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The Brook Has Fallen

Upon the fields of verdant hue,
A tale of change I shall bestow,
Where once a brook with waters pure,
Now lies in silence, calm no more.

Oh, the brook that once did flow,
In Tennyson's words, its beauty did show,
With melodies and babbling mirth,
A symbol of life's eternal worth.

But alas, the brook has fallen low,
Its gentle streams no longer glow,
For time has passed and seasons changed,
And destiny's hand has rearranged.

The allusion to Tennyson's song,
Echoes softly, lingers long,
A reference to that timeless piece,
Where life's journey finds release.

Yet now, the brook's enchanting call,
Is silenced by a solemn pall,
The currents ceased, the ripples gone,
Its vibrant spirit withdrawn.

No longer does it dance and leap,
Through meadows green and valleys deep,
Its once refreshing touch and flow,
Has faded to a whisper, a mere echo.

Like the brook, our lives may wane,
Inevitable, the cycle's refrain,
But let us cherish the memories past,
Of the brook that flowed so fast.

For though the brook has fallen now,
In our hearts, it will endure somehow,
And we shall reminisce, and yearn,
For the brook's enchantment to return.

In tribute to Tennyson's rhyme,
Where nature's song transcends through time,
We mourn the brook, its vibrant song,
Yet celebrate the echoes that prolong.

© Wani Armagan Ul Haq
9th grade student from the Radiant Public School in Anantnag, Kashmir, India.

This young man's poem was thoroughly checked by ILA Magazine editors in plagiarism checker, AI, and other platforms, and found to be 100% accurate. The student, Wani Armagan Ul Haq, was inspired and influenced by Alfred Lord Tennyson's Magnum Opus "The Brook" which was rigorously studied for 3 months under the direction inculcated by his English Literature teacher, Mr. Asif Ahmad, who initially submitted this student's impeccably written poem. This remarkable student has excelled in every way possible, in writing an exceptional poem. A ninth grade genius who is just one in a million that will certainly exceed with the touch of his pen! Photo below of Student Wani Armagan Ul Haq.

The Brook Has Fallen
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