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Special Feature of Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

Here, we will feature two of his poems, mentions of his published books and a review of his poem, 'Everything Returns Back', written by ILA Founder, Annette Nasser and published in his English Poetry Anthology, 'Sillage.' LIVE IN THE MOMENT

Living life of humans is a virtue that is to be earned, if we sideline our past and futuristic aspect is slightly turned.
We can't at the same time, dwell in past, present and future.
Our whole life however, is based on structure.
Living in the moment is easier to say than to adopt in reality,
however, its urgency is felt every time for our suitability.
Too much of indulgence in thinking about past deeds,
pulls us backward and hampers to meet our present needs.
Past should not come on the way of present as obstacles,
on the ashes of past should stand the present day miracles.
Future is always uncertain like the Monsoon in Indian subcontinent,
it always feeds us with new recipes of hopes and discontentment.

© Dr. Alok Kumar Ray .............................................. POURING OF RAIN

Each time rain comes to rejuvenate me and drenches in ecstasy,
Nostalgic feelings hover in my mind to generate fantasy;
It makes me spellbound when I hear its rhythmic sound,
Like an old wine, it intoxicates me stealing my ground.
It's lovely, soothing like a devotional song that I always admire,
Its pitter patter sound releases my captivated aspire;
Kindles, ignites in me, long forgotten virgin fire,
Scintillating, alluring, helps to come out from despair.
It relieves me from all sorts of mundane tensions,
Embedded feelings in me get wings to fly in unison, Chilling effects, I feel when cool breeze blows; Pangs of pain decimate; my innersole glows.
My cosy wishes dance with rhythmic sound of rain,
Like butterflies, they hover here and there to sustain.
That earthy smell mesmerizes me and I become restless, Pouring rain droplets thrill me and kills my fatigue - the mess.
Each time rain brings for me heavenly blessings, why I don't know.
But I am sure the whole rainy season keeps my emotions in tow.

© Dr. Alok Kumar Ray
'SILLAGE' - Permeating Salubrious Odour Poetic Motifs by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray. Sillage can be found on Google Play and published by Sankalp Publications The author can be reached at: An International Anthology of Poems: Trouvaille - A Medley of Poetic Beads.... Compiled and Edited by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray Review of Dr. Alok Kumar Ray's poem, 'Everything Returns Back' by Annette Nasser, Founder of ILA Magazine and ILA Magazine group, USA and published in the author's book, 'SILLAGE', pages 105-108, and can be viewed above, in the 'slideshow.' EVERYTHING RETURNS BACK Everything is reciprocal Be it relationship or fellowship,
Sow the seed of love to reap crops of friendship.
Harsh words pierce in the heart like a sharp knife, Occasional cool breeze in summer rejuvenates life.
Life and let live others even if be in hardship, Newton's third law relies on this equity partnership.
All of us are tied with the thread of humanity, Diversity among us is not a curse to maintain unity.
We all are humans though are of myriad kinds,
Disparities among us are natural That cannot block our strides. Variety is the essence of life
That cannot be undermined, With ebullient emotions of fellow feelings
We are entwined.
Everything returns back whether good deeds or bad, Mitigating woes of others shields us against sad.
Earth cherishes different
Races, languages, faiths and cultures,
It's like a garden where
Flowers of different varieties dance in rapture.

© Dr. Alok Kumar Ray Review of Dr. Kumar's Poem: The poet states, "everything is reciprocal whether relationship or friendship", and with this, should also be, cooperation and understanding in balance and awareness of values, morals, respect of other cultures, traditions, philosophies, professions, creativities and principles of growth, within this same process, applying to friendship.

He writes with an open mind and heart, through words and actions, that we can overcome just about anything, with spiritual strength and conviction, with positive attitudes and with simple acts of kindness and generosity, by spreading and scattering seeds of love the world over, circulating for the purpose of growth, joining hands of different nations, dispersing and connecting, setting into motion, initiating trust, respect, faith, into something worthy of friendship. The more giving you are by sowing seeds of love, the greater the abundance in receiving, even in friendship.

His insightful thoughts by loving others the way we would like to be loved, will also multiply too, in friendship. By sowing love in giving toward others, making the most of your relationship, by learning and giving as much as you can, you will also reap the crops of friendship. What you give out of the goodness of your heart, you will also reap in return.

He writes that even in hardship, we must learn to live together in unity. We must be able to trust ourselves and believe in our capabilities and abilities as well as others. We, as individuals, should accept the way others live, breathe and behave, because everyone does things differently in their own way. We must strive to throw light upon existential ambiguities with more certainty and clarity to be accepting others in tolerance, to be open minded, to be respectful and nonjudgmental and to try and live in harmony with others.

As the poet states, even in Newton's third law , relies on this 'equity of partnership', the third law states for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, ubiquitous in everyday life, whether in contact, interaction or actions, we are all connected through the threads of humanity, one common thread that unites us all, regardless of race, religion or culture.

There will always be some groups in our society that will try to bring the world down by various cults and groups of hatred, cursing unity and humanity. Diversity is a positive influence, a wide range melange of people, regardless of differences and culture, benevolent of human kindness, passing down from generation to generation, in belief, language, values, encompassing multitudes of ethnicities and race, respect of heritage, through understanding varying prospective with room to learn from one another, whether through new experiences or ways of thinking, to a manifold of languages and traditions.

The poet reminds us, 'we are all humans though of myriad kinds', countless entities, a League of Nations in grand multitude, the greatest natural influence, and as much as some groups may try to penetrate that decisive step aimed at progress, in the end, that same path we walk, we march in medley, for 'variety is the spice of life', with exuberant buoyancy and sentiment, of 'fellow feelings', interwoven together.

The poet confirms in his own insightfulness, that karma returns whether good or bad, mitigating circumstances of others protects us from depression and sadness, we should feel so cherished and joyous, knowing that earth's different ethnicities, language and cultures, celebrate with intense expressions of elation and enthusiasm, much like a 'garden of different varieties and color' because at the end of the day, it is this multitude of culture, our way of living, our language, beliefs, our strength and empowerment in society, we are diversely united.

It is a pleasure reviewing your poem, Dr. Alok Kumar Ray, as it will stick to me like glue and I will no doubt, go back and read it countless times, so expressive and so impressive, it truly touched my heart and soul.

Annette Nasser
ILA Magazine
USA ........................................

BIO: Dr. Alok Kumar Ray belongs to Kendrapara District of Odisha, India. He obtained his M.A., M. Phil and Ph.D degrees from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. He now works as a Senior Lecturer in Political Science in a Degree College affiliated to Utkal University and getting grants - in - aid Govt. from Department of Higher Education, Gov't of Odisha.

He is a textbook writer and has authored books being taught in Universities within Odisha as well as Dibrugarh University, Assam in India. He has edited three books containing scholastic articles in Social Sciences. Dr. Alok Kumar Ray is a bilingual poet and writes in both Odia and English. His poems have been featured in a number of anthologies, magazines and newspapers across the globe.

Poetry for Dr. Alok Kumar Ray, is a passion and he is deeply obsessed with this creative endeavor. He posts poems regularly to a number of online poetry groups and takes part in online poetry writing contests. Many times he has been adjudged as well as been awarded in poetry groups across various states and nations.

Kabikanya Smruti Parishad, Talcher, Odisha had adjudicated Dr. Ray for the Kabikanya Ashes Award in 2019. In the year, 2020, LASOSYASYON LAR SAN FRONTYER , an International literary and art society, recognized by the Gov't. of Republic of Seychelles and affiliated to Motivational Strips, awarded an Order of Mahatma Medal, a Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, an Award for Peace and Literary Conduct, to him. Recently, his debut English poetry anthology, "Sillage", was published, along with an international edited bilingual poetry anthology, 'Trouvaille" and his debut Odia Poetry Anthology, "Meghapanata" (the veil of rain), has been launched.

Apart from writing poetry, he is also interested in social work, gardening and traveling. He is a life member of the International Red Cross Society and has also worked with Rotary International.

Special Feature of Dr. Alok Kumar Ray
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