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Sonali Ray

Cadences flow from the soul
Meters, syllables,
Squirting up and down the veins
Twenty-six alphabets
Render blood the red tint.

Verses ain't a captive of
the mother tongue.
It's the medium of
expressing unvoiced feelings.
Words are like magma,
bubbling inside the pulpy


A tiny fissure and the lava
bursts hurriedly
down the crispy world
called pages, fabricating
magical concoctions.
It streams, unbeknownst.
It tugs countless hearts,
birthing endless hopes.


Poetry is a river, rising
from a soul's frigid capes.
The journey is a medley
of myriad emotions,
caressing hearts
until it blends with
the unsettled souls,
evoking unbridled dreams!

© Sonali Ray

Sonali Ray
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