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Short Story

"A Girl Deprived of Her Ambition" by © Mohammed Hamim A couple of years ago in Myanmar, there was an aspiring girl named Asmida who was a dweller of Taung Bazar, Buthidaung township located in Rakhine state. Asmida had four family members including her parents and two sisters, but Asmida is the eldest sister and although she had four family members, it was devastation that she became fatherless after fleeing Bangladesh from Myanmar.

During the primary period of Asmida, she usually won first rank in every grade and she was grateful. After the annual examination of fourth grade, she was hiking around beautiful places nearby her village with her intimate friends. One of her friends, Toslima, came and sat by her, asking slightly, "What is your burning ambition in your life?"

"As I am the elder one in my family, my community is lacking of better doctors, so I deliberated and finalized to be a kind-hearted nurse in my community", replied Asmida.

"Do you expect that you can fulfill your ambition?, mumbled Toslima. "It doesn't matter how the road looks, I merely focus on my studies to reach my final destination and self-study with dedication, necessarily of importance", Asmida confidently said.

After numerous months, she had to flee to Bangladesh including her family and also the entire Rohingya community due to atrocious crackdowns, violence, racial discrimination and genocide by the Myanmar government.

While crossing the border of Myanmar, a group of brutal militaries were rushing toward them and as they all attempted to get away utterly, but all the boys and men escaped due to the military slaying of all males. "Where have all the men escaped?" shouted a military general. "They would've been killed if I didn't go there", thought Asmida's father. He could not resist it and was shot by the military firing their weapons when he moved toward the crowd of his community.

After arriving in Bangladesh, they built a tent with bamboo and tarpaulin in the world's largest refugee camp. All the hopes and aspirations of Asmida shattered completely as well as feeling mournful that she became a fatherless child. She endeavored various means to commence her journey to become a nurse in the refugee camp, but there was no opportunity to study abroad and fulfill her burning ambition.

© Mohammed Hamim (I. Kyaw Than Naing) Myanmar

Short Story
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