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Quotes and Poetry

By Aliu Kazeem "Whatever comes as a challenge has also way to chance." © Aliu Kazeem "Life is a risk in giving tests to know our stand." © Aliu Kazeem "Untitled" (Lyrette - Heptastich) He rose
On the rock
an edge danger
held rein of boldness
Be sedulous
Fears not fall
Long stay © Aliu Kazeem "Face of the Sky" See the sky laced with parches
The broken clouds hung down
Like a crystal, crawling to a side
Covered in the clustered stripes
Comes in rainbow to hold rain back
Later stars sprinkle lights on the surface
Wears day diamond in the night

Waxing like the garden of Eden
Flows in blossom in circle of day
Lovely to look at in golden specks
Frees from the smudges of fogs in clear
Spotted the weather attractive
Spills smile in the face of sleeping night
Holds heart in a longest relief.

© Aliu Kazeem "At Dawn" At dawn hear crow of cock wakes hope.
Rose to set a stage for days to bulb in glowing.
To sow on fertile dreams to hatch well.
Sweat comes along sun frown in work.
With force sailing through future path
Sway like a leaf to have sweet face later.

Start early to reach what fate has for us.
Diced a game to hold a flower of all time.
To leave a golden scar for other set to see.

© Aliu Kazeem
"When Dews Trickle"

When dews trickle down
Start the journey in cold
Leave before sun frowns
Wade through the pains
Fear no shadow of shore
See the harbor from here
Waving a wool of dream
Sow in dawn to reap later
Hold rein of smiling future
The shade of a golden row
Age ripens lie down on rest

© Aliu Kazeem

Quotes and Poetry
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