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Poetry of Nour Nasrah

Translated into English by Shurouk Hammoud Some of His Remains

I am no longer bright
the sun had eaten me,
leaving freckles in my heart
Freckles that melt
whenever hearing the flirtation between the wind and the branches
The flirtation that breaks down at the bottom of the valley.
Then night came,
Closed the mouth of the air on my pain.
Letting a ray of light pass it slackly
for another run.

In the crypts of isolation;
Smoke defraud nostalgia's rust
Some of his remains did not turn into ashes
it remained afire
with the smell of wood that craves to sleep in the fireplace
With an ascetic tear of eyes
Whose color turned ashy. Waiting

I do not remember where we first met
May be in a past life,
Or in a book,
I was turning its pages
In order to sleep.
At that night;
Everyone was busy going to their dreams
While I was going to my poems.
To tidy the pillows for them,
spread the sheets
And whisper to them your name
In order to calm down
And stop chasing me.
At that night,
I was waiting for you to come,
to correct the path of a thought inside my head.

A thought about lonely bodies
that are troubled by love,
about the pores that will open one day,
About accumulated disappointments,
about the rubble that obscure me from you,
About the rubble inside me,
And about the exhaustion that prevents me from breathing well at night.
I was the one who was looking for a reason for you to come
On this particular night
Since my memory does not help me remember
All my faults that I love
The ones that used to help me sleep before. Nour Nasrah was born in Damascus, 1987. She has a BA of Arts, translation department, Tishreen University.

She won the first prize for poetry creativity at New Delmoun Publishing House in Damascus 2017.

She has one poetry collection published entitled "Soundproofing Walls".

Nour Nasrah is a member of the Syrian Journalists Union. She works as an Editor at the English section of Adwa Almadena Online Magazine. She publishes literary articles and translations in Syrian newspapers and Arabic magazines.

Some of her poems have been translated into Spanish, Romanian and English languages, and published in International magazines in many European countries.

Poetry of Nour Nasrah
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