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Poetry of Andree Malenoir

Featuring Seven Poems written by Andree Malenoir TEMPUS FUGIT Time, does it bother you? When time flies...and if you only knew
When young lives are blind to what's in view
For 'young lives' stay 'young' like morning dew The yeas passed...wherever did they go? At long last...we see what we should know Our 'young' mask has fallen long ago Now we ask...that 'ageing' follows...slow... But 'age' came so unexpectedly There's no blame...that we just couldn't see It's 'Life's' game...I see the joke's on me! For life's wane continues...constantly! HEART-LESS I stood back and waited
As I saw you lose your heart
You gave it to another one
I new right from the start

I'm under no illusions
That I'm merely just a friend
Someone that you confide in
When love comes to an end

I'm a shoulder fit to cry on
And to tell your troubles to
Until the next love comes a-calling
And you're into someone new

I can see that you are happy If only for a while
But still I play the waiting game
You know how to beguile You might say I am foolish
To give my heart to you
I should take it back and save it
For to give to someone true.

But I cannot help my feelings
They are deep inside of me So be careful, do not break it... It is let it be...
GRIEF They look at her & see her smile They think that she's ok They stop & talk...just for awhile It's just another day! They see her getting on with life No sign of any grief But something, deep within her eyes, Is something they don't see! She shuts the door, alone again She makes a cup of tea Then all at once she feels the pain Each day brings no relief What 'they' can't see is deep inside They think that all is well Far from the world, she tries to hide... So no one else can tell! She sheds a silent tear once more In emptiness she cried Her grief is felt behind closed doors For part of her has died...
FLAWED I'm flawed, I'm not perfect...I'm a little bit cracked...
I'm still a 'good egg' but perfection I've lacked! I make so many errors and get it quite wrong
On my journey through life I am 'muddling' along! There are days when the sun shines & I get it right... As my confidence rises and defeats out of sight! But then something just trips me & I'm falling down
As my arms flail around me & I fall to the ground! So, what are these flaws that are holding me back? They are called 'being human'...& I veer off the track! Yet my aim is to be just as good as can be So, accept all my flaws, Cos' they're all part of me! ENNUI I like this's expressive It 'does' what it says 'on the tin'! Its meaning may sometimes elude you's Boredom, Malaise or Chagrin! 'You' feel sluggish & weary & restless With a languor & lassitude, too 'You' are listless, fed up & lethargic And you feel there is nothing to do! Enervation surrounds your persona You're unhappy, uneasy, depressed! Well, if that's not enough, just consider Doing 'nothing' means you need a rest! So when feeling disquieted & gloomy For you're deep in the 'mire of despond'... Raise your eyes, look about, see the beauty Let your mind take it upon! So get out of your pit...make the effort Even tho it's a hard thing to do... You'll be glad that you did..., it's the dawning... Of a vibrant, exciting...'new' you! Andree Malenoir has been writing poetry since the age of 11 and has written approximately 1,000 poems in her collection. She is a life long learner and is still studying online at the age of 74! After completing her A levels, she trained as a Pharmacy Technician and in the evening, she would be studying, sometimes just for pleasure or to add to her qualifications. She soon became interested in Complementary Medicine and started her own practice a few years later, she went on to run 5 different practices in London and Essex. Andree has written love poetry, humorous poetry and even subjects such as crime, child abuse, domestic abuse, and says "I know they are hard-hitting, but I feel it's important not to ban subjects just because they are difficult." When she's not studying or writing poetry, her interests include R. M.S. Titanic, Jack the interest sparked by living with her great Aunt and Uncle, who were alive during that time and lived on the same street as one of the police stations investigating the crimes. She loves to dance and listen to music, both classical and popular. In conclusion, Andree's motivational message is "Believe in yourself and realize that what sometimes feels like failure is in fact a lesson that will help you to achieve your goal. Don't give up!"

Poetry of Andree Malenoir
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