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Poetry Feature of Banjie Romulo

Recently, two poems of Banjie Romulo were chosen as "Best Entries" from an April 3rd Themed Prompt: 'Journey Through Imagination' and from an April 19th Themed Prompt. In the April 19th Prompt, poets were required to write a short story in poetic form. "The Imaginary World"

I found a nook on top of the hill
Where I can stay to relax and to chill
Little did I know the magical world within
that carried me through
inside a dream

In that world I dream
I can make everything happen
I can command the sun to set and ask to rise again
I can send the moon to sleep
I can stop the falling rain
I can ask the passing clouds to roll over the plain

In my dream I can freeze the storm and make the flowers bloom
I can blow the ship to sail and hold back the water fall
I can have the sea be planted with barley and corn
and the desert be covered with snow in hot September morn'

I can tie the rainbow and knot it around the globe
I can toss it high and catch in my loving arms enfold

I can orchestrate the birds to sing in choir
and all creatures to sound in rhyme
but only in that nook I can stop the passing of the time.

In the nook on the hill
I dreamt though I'm wide awake
great experience I will surely take
A child I was once in the world of make believe
Inside my heart that secret I shall forever keep.

© Banjie Romulo The Plight of a Friend The night was dark, he was astray
I lit the lamp to guide his way
I dressed his wounds, to ease the pain
But choice wasn't his, though he wish to stay

He hung around just for the night
He shared his hopes, his thought, his plight
His restless pursuit for the brightest light
But the day ended when he lost the sight

In the silence of the night
He broke down and screamed
Tears flowing out like endless streams
"Oh Lord, MY God" don't take away my dream
Or my own people will treat me with disdain

The day he left he waved in vain
on his face mirrored the sadness and pain
Another chapter of his life closed, but didn't attain
His utmost goal remains...
A dream

© Banjie Romulo

Poetry Feature of Banjie Romulo
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