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A HALF DOZEN POEMS PLUS ONE MORE: Featuring the poetry of Mr. Kenneth Maswabi Who cursed the night? Ignorance is a far deeper wound than sadness
In its most intense form, it's infested with disgusting malicious forms of stupidity Throughout history, ignorance has caused so much strife in the house of humanity It's a vicious form of selfishness and recklessness A malady that can cause even the most beautiful soul to engage in some of the most despicable acts Ignorance is not just the lack of knowledge Ignorance affects both the academically inclined and the illiterate in equal measures It's the inability to see through the veil of illusions An incapacitated state where the affected individual is turned into a viper that bites those who are deemed enemies Regardless of the bright colors of their good intentions Ignorance (not wickedness) is the cause of atrocities and genocide the world over The sharp edge of ignorance is more dangerous than all nuclear weapons combined More ferocious than the worst nightmare ever experienced Ignorance is the number one enemy of humanity It has the ability and capacity to destroy the world It's through ignorance that brothers are turned into blood thirsty beasts and turn against each other It's through ignorance that tribalism, racism, nationalism, terrorism and other forms of beliefs are made to fester and grow Ignorance is the number one cause of poverty, motor vehicle accidents and gun violence Ignorance is the source of fear, uncertainty and hopelessness If humanity could see through the veil of ignorance And embrace the Truth The world would be a far better place No one will fight over philosophies and ideas No one will die of thirst, hunger and malnutrition No war will be fought inside the house of humanity Who cursed the night? No one. This is an example of an ancient culture of ignorance Night time has always been filled with suspicion and fear But it's a beautiful time of the day, when Silence is embraced and dreams are realized Now, be aware of your unawareness And you will be healed of your ignorance © Kenneth Maswabi Sadness, Sorrow and Despair Late at night When everyone has closed their eyes Her eyes are wide open, unable to blink Her mind is an open casket of the most intense sorrow She has lost all her identities, achievements, possessions and warmth Like a dying fire, she is surrounded by darkness She is as cold as the tomb stones Where her children are buried The thought of her beloved children wrapped in a shroud of death sent excruciating pain deep into her soul Her life story torn to pieces It all happened when everyone was looking All her dreams erased from the blackboard of life Her life's spark extinguished Her tears are left lifeless on her cheeks Sadness, sorrow and despair have come to her home uninvited Only the sound of her grief fills the dark night sky The rest of the world sleeps undisturbed. Dedicated to the many mothers who are victims of Wars. © Kenneth Maswabi The Wiseman from Africa In many stories, you never hear of this man or woman He is subdued and oftentimes neglected He has no hordes of photographers to follow him Like a burning tree, he will perish with his secrets His seeds will be obliterated by the fire of obscurity There is something interesting about wisdom It never chooses a certain place or location Its nest is already present in all of us But there are certain conditions that need to prevail Before the mystery of wisdom can start to lay its sacred eggs The Wiseman from Africa is one of those poems Where the mystery is folded in an enigma To break it open, you don't need hands You need spiritual eyes to see the latch on its forehead There are no words inscribed on it though It's the prescription of Silence that gives it away The Wiseman from Africa has found the portal of mysteries No other academic description can describe his new found state of awareness It's not born out of the open canvas of the African wilderness Or distilled from the natural African herbs It is the most abundant phenomenon in all of the Universe That pervades his body, mind and soul conquering every one of his senses Silence is the key to this enigma It has no explanation or root cause It's not a disease or birthmark Silence is the garment that opens every avenue of wisdom And the Wiseman of Africa has found its nest Usually, it builds its nest in Eastern philosophies Or in Ancient Greek mythologies But this time, it did not want an old sacred bowl Or a piece of ancient wood It settled for a common log, where it ignited its sacred fire Like a Phoenix, it has to rise out of its own ashes And occupy the fabric of existence Silence, Wisdom and Africa are not usually mentioned in one template But the dawn of enlightenment began in Africa It is an ancient place, full of mysteries, most of them hidden under the sand dunes of the Kalahari and Sahara deserts Some of them swallowed by the passing of time The Wiseman from Africa is not a pure coincidence or a political masquerade It is a taste of all things possible, a real journey of life To all of humanity, God gives gifts, but it is the neglected gift that holds the key to mankind's spiritual awakening Listen to the Wiseman of Africa It's a poem about nothingness, consciousness and illumination © Kenneth Maswabi When Everyone is Asleep I am disengaged from my limited human existence And enter a stateless state of consciousness A form of nothingness occupies my body, mind and soul Incapacitating my ability to think logically In this manner, I am a whole world of poetry And words are the flora and fauna of my being It's this state of madness that holds me still To receive the most beautiful gift ever manifested, the Sacred Light In this illuminated capacity, poetry is my companion And my master I obey every command and yearn for every stroke It's this enriched state of being that makes poetry a beautiful experience Poetry is like dreaming, it encapsulates me into a beautiful glow of light Opening a million ways to perceive life It is far more richer than the limited five senses of the physical world Every sweet melody is a divine encounter It is a dimensionless world where I can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time It is a dreamlike state of pure bliss When everyone is asleep Poetry knocks at the window of my heart And I am mesmerized by her glowing eyes She is my full moon and I am her darkness Together, we are the moonlit night, soothing to the soul of existence Fused and infused into the fabric of everything When everyone is , I am the dream, and poetry is my mysterious lover © Kenneth Maswabi Writing anything about anything In my head, there are no alphabets Just a bunch of neurons Communicating in a language unknown We might think its neurochemistry But no one knows the real truth The brain has no mouthpiece To tell us it's hidden secrets We can only imagine and re-imagine the environment inside the brain But the world of gray and white matter is beyond our comprehension We can only be silent servants of this mysterious organization Let's not be deluded by the wayward thoughts That find their way to our doorsteps The brain is an institution of the dark arts It does not divulge its secrets It refuses to show us its mysterious ways That's why one can carry a huge brain and yet remain clueless It is not a classroom of neurobiology It is a silent world of noisy thoughts Stuck together inside the solid walls of the faculty of reason It is very difficult to find common sense in this milieu of estranged neuronal synapses This is a poem about writing anything about anything I hope you found the gist of the story now, let me introduce you to spirituality The body, mind and soul are capsules of existence Use them with care Lest you fall for their illusions and delusions And you will forever be lost in the realm of delusions of grandeur © Kenneth Maswabi The Ocean of Silence Like a mad river I will keep on following your trail Flowing through your rail Sailing through terrifying cliffs Squeezing through uncertain terrain I will knock over boulders and pebbles Carry sediments and loads of questionable stuff And in my hurry to embrace you I will not disrespect you I will put down all my anguish Detoxify myself of all the horrors of life I will come to you in peace I won't let the slippery slopes of life delay our union I am a servant of the world But most importantly, I am a disciple of Silence I will nourish the ground on which I walk And quench the thirstiness in the wilderness of life But I will not be absorbed to the things of the world I will always find my way back to you I will never let my energies dry down I will look for the tiniest path That will take me closer to you I will let Faith, Hope and Love be my guide To stir me toward your heart Finally, I will be swallowed by your love All my being turned to nothingness I will be part of your eternal light The pulsating sensation of your unconditional Love Totally submerged in the substance of your being © Kenneth Maswabi ** When Silence is Elusive In my attempt to re-enter the sacred place I searched for my being inside the relentless unrest of this world I was looking for my naked soul inside the tumultuous sea of life It was like looking for a needle in a haystack I was drowning in the open casket of my emotional self There was no window to breathe except to suffocate inside the confusion of my mindset But I stood still inside the turmoil And it was the stillness that illuminated the path When Silence is elusive, I become a lost soul With nowhere to go but to enter the crowded room of my emotions Here, I am forced to participate in the squabbles of life The hustle and bustle of life become my garment I lose my radiant beauty and become a smog-filled field of worldly illusions Like a ghost, I become a nonentity All my sacred energies gone I become a raging river of uncertainty But there is always a way back to my true self It is inside the stillness where I am awakened And I am led by the voice of Silence into the vastness of my being Where I am resuscitated and re-infused with the sacred Light This is the journey of my soul to and fro As I try to traverse through the landscape of experiences I am a Spirit being having a human experience It is easy to lose my being inside the milieu of the constructed reality It's imperative that I don't acquire a taste for material things It's of utmost importance that I am not attached to the world of uncertainty I am more at home inside the unknown The realm of mysteries is my true home Silence is my true garment © Kenneth Maswabi Kenneth Maswabi is a former Clinical Research Physician. He studied Medicine at Melbourne University, Australia and has been practicing Medicine for 17 years now. He joined Clinical Research in 2012 and worked on multiple Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cure Research Studies. Now, he is a General Physician at Riverside Hospital, Francistown, Botswana.
His interest with poetry started as a teenager but he didn't study poetry at school. His poetry is totally inspired by Silence or Stillness of mind, body and soul. He only writes when he is in this state. The state of Silence has been with him since he was born but he learnt to harness it to create poetry. He didn't write much until around 2014 when he started writing poetry on a daily basis. His interest in poetry is mostly related to the human spirit. He considers himself as a Spirit Poet and writes mostly about the Spirituality of Love, Consciousness and Humanity.
Just recently published a poetry book titled 'Love, Consciousness and Humanity: The Shadowless Dreamer...The Illuminated Path of Silence.' This is a collection of spirit poems that are inspired by Silence.

Poetry Feature
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