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Poetic Panache in Micro Poetry

the mornings wonder
In love's wilderness
we are born
to our innate paths.
Most hopefully
Mother Nature's serenity.

© Toby Bills USA I saw the stars and remembered you,
All those sweet late nights we hung on the blue.
I saw the stars then
I felt the pain.
'Cause you're now with them...only I remain.

© Ralphie Steven Dolog Philippines GOGYOSHI FORM: "PROMISING TREE" On my barren mind
You sowed the hopeful seed
And nurtured it with assuring manure
It grew into promising tree
Bearing optimistic fruits !!

© Subhashchandra Adhav
India "Rain My Dear" Why so many questions
about the rain?

It is late this year
It is weak this year

Oh my dear!
come to the open field
dance with its sweet drops
enjoy the monsoon cool breeze
Forget all pains of summer
forget all dryness from heart
Let's love the beauty of nature
No question about the rain.

© Manoj Kumar Satapathy
India CINQUAIN (1-2-3-4-1) Pen
mighty, potent
satiated, quenching, arousing
always helps me reveal

© Mohammed Hamim
Myanmar "Beyond The After" When I am gone away beyond the after
Remember the days we had a good laughter
When you can hardly recall my face
Find in your heart a special place
A dwelling for my name and the memories
Of all the joys, sorrows, failures and victories.

When I am long gone and forgotten
Reminisce the old days and time golden
When you are lost in the mystery of life, death and wonder
Find me in these verses between the pages and ponder
When I am gone away beyond the after
Seek for light in my thoughts and be filled with rapture.

© JahArt Kushite
Western Cape, South Africa

Poetic Panache in Micro Poetry
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