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Poems of Gul Bakhti

SEARCHING FOR SERENITY...(Paradise on Earth) Can someone take me to a location, calm and serene?
It doesn't matter if she is Merlyn or Christine,
I'd like to be at a place where men are sympathetic and kind
Not where the owner of big eyes pretends to be blind.
I wish for a site where people have time to spare
Where dwellers enjoy to hear and share.
I wish for a venue where everyone can praise and appreciate
Observe a beautiful face, candid of any color to embrace
I wish for villages where strength shoulders the poor and weak
Not to hug the rich and kick away the meek.
I wish for lands where there is no trick or scowling grin,
Where celestial hugs are not blunder and acts of sin
I wish for serenity, embraced by the presence of omnipotent Lord
Yes, where only PEN is considered mightier than the SWORD. © GUL BHAKHTI BETTER IT'S IN THE HANDS OF THE LORD

Yellowish leaves aren't the message of death
But of a new life, YES, and another new breath.

In nature, beauty never ends or dies.
It only disappears from sight temporarily, as it flies.

Appearing in new colorful looks and shapes, truly amazing!
Needing eyes delving into and yes, needs gazing.

This is a cycle of life that carries a proclamation
From God to strengthen our belief His superb creation.

If not in LORD's hands, it would have turned upside down.
And nature's sweet face with a scowling frown.


Poems of Gul Bakhti
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