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Written by L. S. Onyah
© February 2021

Four candles slowly burned. The ambience was so soft, one could almosst hear them talking...

The first one said: 'I am PEACE.'
NIGERIA is full of anger, hatred for each other and fighting.
No one wants to keep me lit. Then the flames of peace went out completely.

The second said, 'I am FAITH.' The polity is so tensed to such an extent,
no one has an iota of confidence in my capacity to turn the tide of events
for the now and create the desired future. It doesn't make sense that I stay lit
another moment. Just then, a cool breeze blew faith's flame out.

Sadly, the third candle began to speak. 'I am LOVE.' The citizens have simply
lost touch of the reality of my existence and importance for a united Nigeria.
And I am waiting no longer. Love's flame went off.

Just suddenly...
A child entered the room and saw the three unlit candles. 'Why aren't you burning and revealing your brilliant light among us?', he inquired. Right from the days of our founding fathers, they, within their struggle, had believed that once we had been declared an independent nation, they had conceived/bargained that you were meant to stay lit till the end of the ages, as they tie what ought to bind us, if we must remain in oneness.

'I am HOPE!'
The fourth candle announced, when I am still burning, we can rekindle the other candles. With bright eyes, the child took the candle of hope and lit the other candles. It then became evident, that though love happened to be the greatest of them all, however, the wings of hope though fragile like that of a butterfly, should never be taken for granted. With hope, each of us, despite our ethnic backgrounds, or whatever seemed to be our differences, can be of a truth, live in PEACE, FAITH and LOVE.

One Nation, Great People!

Lucky Stephen Onyah is a Lagosian by birth, whose parents hail from Delta State, Nigeria. Currently, he is a mathematics teacher and a Principal of Gbenu Private Academy, Lagos. He is also an English teacher with World English Institute, having earned an Advance Diploma in English from the same institute. In addition, he is taking up Master of Bible Studies in Accra Graduate School. Stephen ventured into writing early, had evolved in the art and seeks to impart the world with his creative pen. His poems can be seen in anthologies, international E-zines and has received awards for his work.

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