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Written by DUSAN KOVACEVIC BATULJA All my sorrows and my wounds,
As well as a wish for better days,
My sea thinks regularly,
I hope it won't get worse.

The night is rolling down the window is covering.
Cold, freezing winter outside.
In a warm room I'm alone
I expect the voices of the night.

I look at the bright stars in the sky,
Unfathomable distant secrets.
The moon smiles from the sky
While my heart awaits.

Kosava is blowing hard, getting stronger,
And my heart seems to cry.
Hot blood has no peace,
Remembering you touches the soul.

I'm sitting writing this song,
I awaken new hope in me.
I would like to discover your thoughts,
Maybe they are the same as mine.

Open your soul, honestly say,
Don't make me suffer, I live a lie.
I don't want any promises
I would like to find out the feelings.

On this cold starry night,
Sitting and writing in solitude
While darkness covers my window,
I imagine in myself, your smile. © 10/2021

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