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Never Be a Church Mouse

Written by Dimple Lobo Corcino Opina

Dimple is one of 16 "Biweekly Picks" we chose on September 17th to be published here, on ILA Blog. I'm feeling low but hanging to the hope that opportunity knocks,
That giving-up is not an option for me to take,
For I still believe that a man who has perseverance can fulfill a dream,
Despite the difficulty on his social standing.

If the poor can be rich and live in luxury,
What more a man like me who has a reason to fight,
To triumph a battle amid its strife and difficulties
And fulfill the life I wanted to be.

All this gives me a reason to keep pushing hard,
Even though it seems impossible,
But believing that the gate of chances would be open,
And one day I shall be rewarded for my hardship.

For to live is to see those who triumph, That despite life's adversities they achieved great,
That even though the world was full of uncertainty,
My life will turn around, goals will be achieved
And I would never live as a church mouse. © 2021

Never Be a Church Mouse
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