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My Sunset Dreams

Recently, this poem was chosen as a "Best Entry" from the April 3rd Themed Prompt: "Journey Through Imagination" My melancholic reflections,
draws beneath the sky,
As the heaven darkens,
the sun dims on high

When the wind blows hard,
my clouds wear away,
My feeling of sadness,
of seeing a dying day.

As I paint on my canvass,
of the sun going down,
I'm contented writer,
when my poetry is done.

The cold winter chill,
of the eastern snow is gone,
And the tangerine specter,
blankets a beautiful dawn.

The sound of wind,
is echoing in the forest,
with love birds returning,
to their pretty woven nests

My misty eyed image,
and my face falling tears,
are leading the sun rays,
to my sunset dreams.

© Robert T. Celles

My Sunset Dreams
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