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Mowmita Sur is a freelance writer, poet and blogger, hailing from India. She thinks she possesses the trait of a beautiful fairy, whilst she is trying to hide her friend, Unicorn from the savage world. She has garnered much acclaim for her poems. Mowmita has received accolades for her writing in both National and International levels. She writes sweet, witty, fiction, nonfiction, horror and mysteries. Her characters are clever and fearless like her. Fantasy is her genre, which is a speculative fiction set in a fictional universe, often inspired by the real world. Mowmita spends most of her time reading, cooking, painting, dancing and traveling the world, exploring new places and catching her favorite shows. With over a decade of writing experiences, she has a uniquely wry sense of feeling that shines through in her newest collection of poems giving her characters a palpable spark! She is he rhyming queen and her latest work is an anthology of poems, from her predominant hues, this whimsical fairy conjures up an eclectic, even eccentric image through the diverse collection of endeavors, she is experiencing. She loves horror and sci-fi fiction stories and movies. As she proclaims, "glittering dust on my fairy wings...I fly to fairyland in jings! Quirky is what you might expect from this author, which inspires the reader to go check out her book. Book Synopsis:

"The Clairvoyance Magic Spell" is a collection of poems and short stories. People will enjoy reading this book as it is electrically filled with staccato bursts of humor and fiction. There are stories that people can encounter, some serious and spine-chilling, but don't take her word for it, load up your popcorn bowl, grab your coffee and get reading!

Many have experienced things that we just can't explain, something that's so out-of-the-ordinary and it stays with us for years. We can recount the story and remember every detail, vividly. Mowmita Sur loves to share some of her stories with you all, whether it's to give her readers a scare or to find some kind of explanation for the things that happen, it's up to you.

"The Clairvoyance Magic Spell" tells - "Spiritual protection is very powerful. It is when you either call upon any spiritual guide, an angel, God, or any positive universal power to use an energetic protective shield to keep you away from the negative forces", getting chills upon and down your spine, when contemplating. It sneaks into your brain to find your deepest, darkest fear. Hearts pound, blood rushes, breathing escalates. That can make you feel the thrill and adrenaline rush as riding a particularly fast roller coaster. There are portals to different dimensions. Something has created a way to the parallel universe. The gate to the portal leads to the paranormal strange world. It was intentionally opened and something came crawling out of its corpse. The dog barks at nothing, but can sense the supernatural. Something is watching you when you sleep. And there are those kind, beautiful fairies who can be called upon for help. To be worthy of fairy assistance, you must show respect to the environment and to the fairy. Then, the nature angel can't deny you.

Mowmita Sur tells us that writing is her passion. Her book is available worldwide on Amazon . NOBLE CAUSE

A noble cause, that many called flaws
Doth ease much a grievous rise,
A good deed is its own reward,
As it is unconquered.
A noble deed can be the seed,
of an evergreen happy tree.
It takes sometimes to grow
spread positivity in a flow.
And it helps many to turn,
From darkness to sunshine.
My noble cause has a voice!
It whispers, but so clear,
Of great compassion and humanity,
Which wrapped up in utter cheer.
How sweet are the feelings!
Comes from noble deeds
When you help someone,
Fulfilling with love and satisfaction,
The hope and smile that they bring,
As if on cue, smiling broadly at everyone.

©Mowmita Sur

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