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Mohamed Kerkoub


My daughter arrived during Spring Semester and with her, splendor, good and bad. The seasons went, and the fields, and even the orchards were filled with all kinds of flowers, such as Narcissus and brightly colored Jasmine. All the time, in the palaces and fullness of nature with all masterpieces, there are no tears, no sorrow, and I was in a scene or a standing forum brightly filled with the finest presence and swaying in all plains with the wind of the joyful season.

Affected by the weight of wheat grain, as if it were dancers at a wedding, I decorated and decorated with all the fine minds on all horizons remaining. Greenery and meager, open to the sight at all times, smiling to the nobles and even honorable people from the scents of pleasant fragrances of perfumed cloves and jasmine, I breathed so fast and the souls feared and withered with some of them looking as if they were loving the worlds, so I drank from Tasnim in paradise, the blissful water, irrigated, moist, thirsty as if in Heaven above the earth of a generous Lord.

Sustained with bliss, even the hearts inhabited and settled in oneself, and emotions radiant, enlightened with peace of mind. In my building, character and nature are the essence of each example you interact. And with all harmony, what you would like to confirm, your eternal imprint into it. The number of years, she mastered and sculpted every wonderful piece of art.

I drew the beauty of nature with dedication and accuracy of the artists on the board for eternity, and created it, from the beauty of brilliance, with all passion and love, showing off all lovers of noble art and bringing every lover of art and beauty in the two worlds.

When they are proud of nature while boasting, they swagger while fumbling with addicts. And whoever was immersed in it, there is no substitute for the eagerness, so I revived with their love, the lightness of your soul, because of the excitement and splendor of nature and its essence for all lovers, joy and happiness immersed in you, becoming proud and wandering in all of my passions.

The rocks and mountains, like deer, with agility and harmony, you run and have fun celebrating with birds as a musical group. In every age, in all kinds of symphonic songs, as if the master shines and expresses in you, chanting with devotion and harmony, categorically cutting each valley with chants and sweetest notes.

Soak all the colors of musical notes, perfume it with the fragrance of princesses and angels in its palace, diving and possessing the spirits of inhalers for your green perfume. With every inhalation, exhale the pristine wind, fresh for all souls and visitors, even for the patient's groan, give nostalgia with your best words. Whispers and touches will live in him, even after a while, with the power of a generous Lord.


I knew by my inspiration, that she is here, watching me, provoking me, besieging me, oppressing me, singing with her enchanting charms in silence, with the vibrations of the Queen of Queens, the mother of the sect, the bee.

Thought is illuminated by inspiration, to exhaust me, to squeeze my mind, effort, for ideas to emerge, to become a reality on earth, to celebrate roses, to make the individual proud, the skill of the source to grow.

The fields were covered with wreaths of violets, jasmine and sweet grapes that refresh the soul, so that the energy settles in the veins and the mind, and the artist creates what he sees fit, allowing it to flow in the midst of the clouds, like birds and doves.

Melodies are in harmony with heartbeats, whispers and kind words are liberated from the depths of the heart. Real dreams are the best part of sleep, followed by canticles of melodious hymns transcending the artist in place, as he launches creativity after stimulation from the ministry's chair.

Creative pens move with diamond pens and the pain of every creator is a well-known artist who is not famous for concealment due to marginalization and forgetting his nationality. His pen is Algerian, a title for his poetry and thoughts to shine in the worlds and universe. Greetings of peace to every knight who did the duty to promote cultural balance and dreams as creativity emerges and spreads, and we extend it in all horizons, alphabet letters and tones, voices through hearing and sight, heard in the homelands.

© Mohamed Kerkoub "FLOWERS PERFUME"

The flowers opened
Fragrances of jasmine,
the orchid and violet
exhaled like oxygen.

Refreshing the body
of race and sons
flooding the horizons.

Humanity is always safe
praising and seeking
forgiveness from its Lord.

Divine power intervenes
sorrows, groans and pains

And we live in Peace
with our supplications to the Lord
of beings and the universe.

Drops of rain made by the Lord
emerge, bringing them out
from depths of the womb in the clouds.

Flowers and humans
flourish, birds and butterflies
arousing to emanate sensations.

It is the year of blessings for humans to breathe
light pervading earth's hearts
and charged astronomy.

Bodies interact positively
among themselves for mercy's blessings
and sophistication of minds in the land of joys.

© Mohamed Kerkoub

Mohamed Kerkoub
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