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In all walks of life, love is the most priceless demand that everyone craves and dreams that there is someone to love. Love empowers every human being to share the innermost gift of experiencing Love.

Love gives hope to all helpless and wickedness to transform and change when inspired and motivated. I remembered some stories in life where two people loving each other, led to building a family with a happy, married life. And I still recall days when I was searching for love but couldn't find the true one.

Different levels of love comes to different people. We may experience love depending on their intentions and status of life. In materialistic ways, some people love because of money, power, recognition and physical aspects which set the boundaries and becomes a barrier to a happy relationship, bringing them love. Sometimes love measures and unlimited ourselves to offer and make sacrifices behind expectations and limitations. Love is the reason why we live in this entire world when love radiates in every heart's space and corner of the world, no one will be living unhappily or desolated.

Life today, must be enjoyable. Do not waste your time in hate, anger and jealousy. Live to the fullest where you meet and experience happiness because God is not happy when we are not happy. Happiness determines our greatest comfort and at other times, leads to our miseries in the absence of our feelings. Happiness is a goal in life we want to fulfill the dreams and missions we have set for our family, friends and the people we are close to. Happiness determines the great sorrows of present time, past and future. Only when we feel great contentment, we can achieve a real happiness.

Have you ever experienced a real happiness? Let us try to live to be happy. Life is short no matter how we get the reward we aspire, no matter how successful and famous, death will come in our unexpected calendar dates only we have to prepare ourselves and be a better person in our own way.

As we say, no one would like to talk about the end or death of our own story, especially when we are still living in good comfort and when we have lots of material things to leave on earth. Yet, death comes in, unnoticed and we cannot escape to these realities of life.

© Richard C. deLeon

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