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LOVE and Other Poems

Each week, we recognize poets who submit to our Facebook group with recognition as we read, choosing randomly, poems that truly touch the heart and soul. The poems below were chosen the week ending September 24th. LOVE If I love
lightning bugs draw the drop
on my forehead. Nirbhaya aunty
holds my hand and says
you run higher...
lift your head
near the hill.

The day the world will be amazed
when your eyes
will be filled with
love for all.

I don't know
how many pages you read and
how many degrees you get...
before the feeling of love
fades in the human classroom,
take love in your hand.
Wash your eyes
with green mist
then dream sea river
will come alive...
If you love
the picture of daily living
will become colorful language.
Oh come quickly
we learn to love.

© Jotsna Jari "What Do You Call Him?" Walking...
On the barren sand...
Your back pack exhausted...

The overhead friend...
With this scorching love...

When you are thirsty...
And yearning...
For a shade and water...

Some one giving you...
A shelter...
And a glass of fruit juice...

What Do You Call Him?

"A friend God sent"

Be ready...
To pay back with your life © Asokan Erulandi
India "Rose of Arid Land" The plant stood there
Beneath it, no fertilizer
Each day withering
They come to admire
Though feeling no desire
Suggesting to keep in freezer.

There it stood
While another stopped by
Not much wood
Needing some food
Yet too busy to supply

The rose still rooted,
There, on the arid land
Lovers were all elevated
Various views pointed
Dropping no value on the ground.

Then came another person
Who stood tall by the rose
Day and night, every season
if not a crime of treason,
He would write his own prose.

Sprouting out in the open
Cracking the soil to fan
Finding for her own, a haven
Time to be woven
Indeed, the rose of arid land.

© Abbah Justina "THE ART OF SURVIVAL" Art is special
a gift from the Creator,
some are gifted by voice
others by writing verses.

Some play with others
they compose a melody,
Painters when they feel it
love with a brush of consecration.

Some give shape to everything
sculpture lovers know them,
while some pretend
the directors are timidly annoyed.

Some like to take photos while
others draw various plans,
few of us draw comics,
while most skip the clips

© Emir Hasić Hase

LOVE and Other Poems
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