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Lines Written on a Marble Table

Straightaway, the road that takes
My deepest love to you,
Henceforward now and evermore,
The cobwebbed days are few;
The spider in its web is lost,
Its traps are blown away,
The thin-edged lines I'd walked across
Have sunk into the day;
The years we knew in ages past
Have vanished in the air,
And I am free to love at last
With all I have to share.
The dawn is brighter than before -
It leads the sun to shine
Upon my love - so loving more
Seems led by hands divine.
The sunless gray, no longer gray,
Its lines now neatly drawn;
And things that held us back that day
Are quartered now and gone.

~ For her ~

© Tom Kraft

Lines Written on a Marble Table
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