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Featuring the delightful work of 5 poets In a quaint little town by the sea,
Lived a man who was terribly free. With a twirl of his hat, And a wink, just like that, He danced through the waves, full of glee. © CONCETTA PIPIA
US TRICKY PROPOSAL Shiny snail soft slimy squishy Served as high-end delicacy Titled escargot Pretty in pink bow
Proposal turned breakup tricky. © RUPA RAO US There once was a young man called Grey Who chewed tobacco everyday He left home at sunrise And found to his surprise That his whole mouth was full of hay. © SHWETA SAHAI India A bee and a wasp were two foes They fought with their arrows and hoes. He caught them, the pink fox And kept in his red socks The bee and the wasp stung his toes. © RAFIYA SAYEED Jammu/Kashmir, India Teacher May called Peter's attention Seeing her tutee's full attention Of using his cellphone But he, in murmured tone Informed of her own phone's vibration. Peter said he borrowed his Pa's phone And then he set it to speaker phone Class heard Teacher May's voice "Darling, here's the invoice Of the weekend date, we can't postpone." © MYRTLE REYES E. TEJADA Philippines

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