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January Heralds

Written by Krishna Chamling The heraldry of arresting spring - January experiencing agonies of
Coups, fault line wars...and brutalities of powers, mourns turtle doves
Desperately coo from the bare trees weeps wintry January trickling
Germinates life and love to celebrate ecstasies in its endless journey
Of time altering in months, it has arrived bringing new hope with verve
Of Spirit everywhere providing fortitude in every being, are beauties

In its jaunting journey often with heavy, white gold flecks of snowfalls,
Blizzards and the hoarfrosts in the dry country tracks in spiking casts
Of ice-structures under the feet, melting it gleams dewdrops pearls on
The blades in the landscapes, and the mountains capes thawing flows
Into the lakes veiled with icy-slate-screen of freezing cold, but the petrichor
January jostling chirps tits in the paltry sunlight from the dull, damp bush.

January Heralds
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