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Ikwulono Mohammed Senison

ILA is featuring poet, Ikwulono Mohammed Senison, as he was picked three times during our monthly April Prompts for his wonderful poetry. The poem below was offered to poets as our first prompt in honor of National Poetry Month, though we made it "international" as ILA is blessed with poets from all over the world and back. The prompt theme was given by one of our group experts and titled, "Gazing at Moon from Balcony." Ikwulono certainly focuses on beautiful observance of the moon, applying his emotions....
*** "Gazing at Moon From Balcony" Standing at the balcony
Reaching my head out
In protrusion, watching the smiling moon
The lunar light mists cozy illumination
Decorating the balcony wall with mural
And I gaze without a cease in exhilaration.

At the balcony, my sight radiates
To resonate the moonlight candor
The centrifugal movement of the moon
Makes me go centripetal into petabyte
Of blissful sight, glowing my abode
Sighting the moon from the balcony
Magnetizing my emotion with the beauty
That nature offers free, without a pay.

© Ikwulono Mohammed Senison This next poem was also chosen as "Best Entry" from our April 3rd, 2022 Prompt Theme: "Journey Through Imaginations." Poets went with the flow and wrote whatever came to mind. Ikwulono's poem was certainly mesmerizing!
*** "Catalyst of Creativity" What makes all writers
Painting mental images
Appealing to emotion
Reaching in decorously to reason
Like a sculpture, carving statues
Imagination enables all, creatively.

At the comfort of my loneliness
My imagination keeps me company
Educating and impulsing my ideologies
To produce some senses anew.

I journey through my imagination
And all the time, I'm called a name
Best instructor is the imagination
With or without one, imagination is
the best companion
All are here, all painting images
Via their experience en route
Journey of imagination.

In the mansion of ideology
Imagination sails all to a destination
Built with words, figuring images mentally
To rationalize the world with edification
Propagating morality from harboring decadence.

© Ikwulono Mohammed Senison On April 19th, in honor of Earth Day (April 22, 2022), we offered a prompt. We wanted to know how it affected poets and what could they do to make a difference by writing a poem about it. Below, Ikwulono's poem...
*** "The Synergy of Nature's Beauty" From the celestial perch, I stare at the firmament The divine umbrella with many compounds in conferment
In the day, far opening its mouth, to shine upon the sun
Illuminating earth, creating a panoramic sight of bucolic landscapes
The ethereal sky drenches the heavens, infusing clouds with the sun
And the crisp autumn wind whips the light away for the dusk, as they escape
To announce the coming of the moon, its queen and attendants, the stars The innocent moon sweeps the sky, pulling in, the hidden clouds
And the twinkling stars peek, smiling at the captivating cloud, laughing
The scarfed trees on the Amazon, resonate the silent music sung by the stars
Sparkling the splendid luminary, radiating the Terra in a dazzling beamy spark
The night insects chirp, singing to the moon, sending more attendants
Skyrocketing with stunning sparkling light, glistening with a chill
In a blooming meadow, playfully in games, freely with flowering Lily.

The towering Iroko tree announces the verdant forest
With flowery vegetation, lushing the earth in a wooing ethereal feast
And the brisk forest fountains, its misty dew with a seasoned spring
Announcing Autumn to summon Winter, for deciduous trees, leaves parting
To clothe the naked wilderness with pristine spectacular scenes, sun-drenched
In every idyllic corner of landscape, opens to flirting with a kiss.

The Almighty's visceral, Lord over all on Earth
Taming the refractory creatures to their domesticated berth
Even the celestial hosts, function to satisfy humans
The lunar light, lamps the night for man's pleasured lair
As the stars guide and direct many to their desires
And the sun shines, and rains sprout our vegetation
The Earth is a mat, playing host to all in its habitation
And the heavens shade as an umbrella upon our heads
Painting its eyebrows under the tutelage of the glowing rainbow in the sky, like beads
The synergies of nature, a beauty working for human comfort
A precept of all human races existing in one complementary globe.

© Ikwulono Mohammed Senison

Ikwulono Mohammed Senison
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