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The writer's poem is creatively written with a touch of imagery and a tidbit of romance. Enjoyable for your reading pleasure! You are the melody in my poem
You see, I used to have soliloquy.
But now, we have chorus in refrains
Little happier ditty in our cadence.

We used to be in binary oppositions
How come the heavens intervene?
And we became in juxtapositions
I love all, even just your lamentations.

I usually miss you, if you're not around.
My apostrophe reaching far, as the heavens
Oh, what an exaggeration, so hyperbolic
I just speak the truth, no, not the poetics.

You speak in allusion but I love the puns
Making fun of you, oh coz we're friends, too.
Freedom of speech, we're all abound, (love it!)
And, mind you, we have the poetic license, too.

In time, we got our tension, and dilemmas,
Try not to be repetitive or else, in cacophony,
Better have caesura, or enjambment perhaps.
Always think in terms of carpe diem, my love.

I love you for your wit, humor par excellence
Nothing can hold us back, even deconstruction
Be resolute my love, no amount of dissonance
Can win me, nor doggerel will ever please me.

So you see, a highest sense of honor I exact
Dear lover, with an epic proportion is my love
Have your free verse, I adore, in every genre
But in the end, love me still, coz I'm your Nada. © Mildred DJ Par

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