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Traversing beyond the glistening moon through the star studded world of my dreams.
Embellished with grace boundless love blossomed in ecstatic realms.
Forlorn melody of yearning, hope and promise of future overwhelms.

Hauntingly beautiful thoughts of love seeped deep in my soul and
filled my heart with burning desire to touch the beaming moon.
As I felt my grail, entire universe vanished amidst the ebbs of passionate trail
intense feelings of déjà vu truly overwhelmed my soul frail.
Scent of wild roses suffused with intoxicating breeze extol
Moments of joy enthrall
Drowning in ocean of daunting thoughts perceived from internal core of my heart.
Oh! Such moments stirred my numb soul,
soul that felt adrift and blue, my heart skipped the beat.
Gasping for next breath just felt that sultry heat.
A winter sojourn ends, now it's time for eternal spring meet.
'Tis time for ultimate rendezvous amidst pacifying heat.

© Gurjeet Kour Ghuman "WILTING SOUL"

Wilting soul, fading heart, hardly anything left to lean on.
Eroding feelings, tormented emotions flow,
with heavy heart eyes fixed on the door.
Heart misses you evermore.
You swept me off my feet like mighty raging wave.
With all my might I will savor and save your
memories inside diamond studded grave.
You left me pondering cold, gloomy and pale.
Passing by my grave eyes fixed on the edge,
in wilderness of hauntingly deserted night soul rave.

You are my inspiration, you are my chaos.
You are my pleasure, you are my melancholic thought.
You dance in wild waves of my dreams, you
float in my thoughts.
You are the majesty that keeps me agile.
You are oxygen that keeps me alive.
You are the book that I hold close to my tumultuous chest,
you are a yearning of this stubborn heart.

© Gurjeet Kour Ghuman

Ink drips, words drip amidst blizzard of stardust.
Your memories linger on like fragrant musk.
Tempest of thoughts encircle my mind from dawn to dusk.

Verses gather all the magnanimity and spill from bleeding quill.
Just read between the spaces
Read beyond the similes and phrases.
Read the metaphors that twirl and swirl to the rhyming rants.
Flowing through the thunderous night
tumultuous clouds brood throughout the sultry night.
You're shadow of hope behind my melancholic chants.
Let us walk through cobblestone path
holding the yarn of time and space
life's test let us face
Let me be cloud in your sky.
Rain falls just for you after severe drought,
there shouldn't be any doubt.

© Gurjeet Kour Ghuman

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