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Ghazals by Feroz Rashid Bhat

Ghazal I. Dumb, I wag my tongue ruthlessly to explain words
Like a poet putting down his heart's pain in vain words.

In that chill when sparrow's nest was torn apart
To shelter her nestlings she had but mundane words.

Angels said, "Lord, he'll cause corruption and shed blood!"
But the Man subdued the claim with some urbane words.

I failed the promise to testify for you. Ah! Your grudge?!
How, when my tongue was slit, could I resurrect the slain words?

I'm that infidel: I blaspheme the psalms of my mother tongue; 'Cause I rather mimic the Scripture of civilized, humane words.

Each wretched phoneme causes uncalled-for cacophony
Tell, what else is Feroz to do than abstain words? © Feroz Rashid Bhat Ghazal II. For their purgation, sorrows of life call for a ghazal
But full must be the keg of sorrow to pour a ghazal!

Coffins arrived, emotions overwhelm; agony isn't it?
That the poet has to write with corpses at door a ghazal.

To the city plagued with the blight of occupation
Let me for a panacea ferry ashore a ghazal.

Sadists who balm their hearts with the painful cries of a poet
Call out loud, "Once more, once more, once more a ghazal." © Feroz Rashid Bhat Feroz Rashid Bhat hails from Anantnag Kashmir. He is currently pursuing MA in English Literature from Kashmir University. He is writing poetry largely about his homeland, Kashmir, to make sense of the violence that grips the region. Though he has been writing for many years now, he has not published his poems yet. He believes in poetry that is pleasing and at the same time, thought-provoking. He writes most in the ghazal-form to bestow his poetry, the regional aura. He always works to improve his art, so that whoever will read him, receives the best of everything read.

Ghazals by Feroz Rashid Bhat
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