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Featured Poetess: JAYNOBO JAYMES

For the entire month of April, in honor of National Poetry Month, we offered weekly themed prompts for the poets, and chose "Best Entries" for the chance to be published here on ILA. Each week, we also feature an offering called "Anything Friday", sort of like a "free day", where poets can pen anything that comes to mind, be it a poem, or quote or micro short story/passage or their own visual arts, as long as it is their original and unpublished work. This beautiful poetess hails from Papua New Guinea and is quite the talented writer, chosen as "Best Entry" in three of our April prompts and two of our "Anything Friday's." We offer the prompts as a way of keeping the minds of writers, fresh, and free of "writer's block." "Gazing At Moon From Balcony" Gracefully you light up the dark sky
A knight on a mission
Guidance from above for the inhabitants of the earth
As I sit at night on the balcony
A sight easing the tension of my mind
Lost in you as I admire the view
I reach out to you up, up and away I sail
Into the silence of the night
Away from the busy traffic of my life
Into the peaceful atmosphere out in the galaxy with you
Let me be your helping knight tonight
Shine in the dark for those who can not see their way in life
Let me be the moon for them.

© Jaynobo Jaymes "A Brighter Tomorrow"

Mother Nature embraces us with nature's best each new day.
The sunshine, rain, day, night, plants and animals
You and I placed on earth we have dominion over them
So let's do what's best to live our lives longer on earth.
Stop the war, let's live as one big family.
Control the winds of technology sweeping out land, cutting trees
And killing its inhabitants.
Build parks and gardens, preserve flora, fauna
and marine life by controlling ships, sailing through the seas.
Peace to the world, its inhabitants. Stop destroying lives for greed and pride.
Soon, we will see all that God has given us, lost in civilization.
Plant a tree today. Place plastics in a bin. Do not pollute the sea.
It starts with you and me.

© Jaynobo Jaymes "Let it Be - Truth is Beauty" Though the book so colorful, the cover is not deceived
The outward groom that catches each turn of the head as eyes melt a sigh
Your day turns into everlasting rivers of tears and mourning
Beauty steals but kills if it's just for a catch to capture your heart even for a day
When all warmth and unstoppable emotions settle at the bottom
The true colors emerge from the core, leaves you a slave forever
Dumps you into the dust of a trap set by self
A heart of compassion embraced with God's agape love is the heart
Though it may not be attractive outwardly, it's wroth to live a life with such
For true love comes directly from the core.

© Jaynobo Jaymes "The Reason I Smile" The dawn of a new day sneaks over the valley
Met by nature as it draws nigh to me
Bump into me at the front door
Hands a soothing breeze
So cool and fresh
Into my face
Fresh free clear air
I step out into the world
So cold, so dusky, so lonely it looked
Amazed at the pitch drab surroundings
I stumble and fall on the lawn
Reality dawn that I just paid
a visit to Mr. Past
Shutting the door on him
Mr. Valentine came by with roses
But I sadly missed to catch sight of him
While busy in the dark past of my brain
Cheerful voices
Sail into my mind
My children, my love, my life
Though no roses today, I have a reason to smile. © Jaynobo Jaymes HAIKU Sleep caught up with me
Rented a room at my place
Sun up still sleeping

© Jaynobo Jaymes

Featured Poetess: JAYNOBO JAYMES
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