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This is a "special mention" to poet, Prasanna Bhatta, for writing a most eloquent and profoundly beautiful poem of Humanity, on December 10th, 2021, and shared with our ILA Group. We couldn't pass up this deeply moving poem as it truly deserves accolades of recognition. "SMALL ACTION, BIG REACTION" A little dry rice
To flood effected person.
A glass of water
To a bitter sun-stricken man.
A small warm cloth,
To a chilly, smitten man.
A word of solace,
To the deserted and frustrated.
A little time at grandparents
To enrich your brain.
A small gift to near and dear
To make nearer and dearer.
A small red rose to a lover
To please her anger.
A small kiss on lover's cheek
To capture a great pick.
A small comment,
To poet's ink.
A short standing aviation To the singer's song.
A small buss to children
To their success.
A small hug from mother
To a daughter on affection.
A little time of prayer
To praise God's creation

A small word:
* Have a good day*
* Thank you*
To greet
the **known or unknown**

Shows greatest results
and Reaction.
It is called
Humanely Humane Human.

© Prasanna Bhatta

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