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Featured Photography

FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHY OF DEBRA S. MASCARENHAS The photographer explains while the sunrise rose over Dubai, she captured her snapshots on her mobile phone from the 32nd floor. Included in the slideshow are ten most exquisite sunrise photos and a profile image of the photographer. Photographer Debra S. Mascarenhas is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and has been living there for almost three decades. She is a widow and lives with her three children. She works as an Office Manager for almost twenty years.

Debra graduated in Arts and majored in Literature. Writing comes to her, naturally. She has had two books published in the UK, "Whispers from my Heart" and "Sail Into the World of my Poem." She loves writing short stories and poems. Although Debra did not attend any painting classes, she does paint in acrylics and has mastered it on her own. Some of the hobbies she's most passionate about are cooking, gardening, writing and photography.

Read more of her poetry at the All Poetry website.

"True poets don't write their thoughts with a pen, they release the ink that flows from within their Heart."

© Debra S. Mascarenhas

Featured Photography
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